Finding a treatment for premature ejaculation seems easy enough, between drugs, thick condoms and other solutions to delay ejaculation.

Some of them are worthy of interest, like the delaying gel.
However, it is best to defeat premature ejaculation without having to rely on
an external solution. We have chosen to offer you the best treatment today to
overcome this problem affecting tens of millions of people across the globe.
This treatment is in the form of digital training.



Why choose this treatment for premature ejaculation?


We chose to present this training for two fundamental
reasons: the quality of the trainer and the quality of the training



Jean-Marie Corda: World Reference for the Pornographic


The person who created and presents this training is none
other than Jean-Marie Corda. At present, he is the eighth pornographic actor on
the world map, and second behind Manuel Ferrara in his home country, France.

In addition to his acting career, he is also a producer of his films and has partnership contracts with many Eastern European Hotels that offer his films to their clients.

He began his career in 2007, when he was nothing in pornography and had no sexual competence. To climb the ladder, he had to do a long theoretical and practical work of sexual learning.

In 2016, his mission is to become the best sex coach in the world. More than 60,000 of his trainings have been sold on the French territory, and since 2019, he offers his training in English.



The best content currently available


Many courses offer purely theoretical and superficial
content as a treatment against premature ejaculation.

In it, you will find detailed explanations and practical
demonstrations operated by Jean Marie Corda.

All that needs to be done to overcome premature ejaculation is present in this formation. Now let’s see together the contents of this training.

premature ejac

Treatment for Premature Ejaculation: Training Content



Reversal of the ejaculatory mechanism



The first thing to know is how ejaculation works. With this
knowledge, you will be able to reverse the mechanism of ejaculation. It’s about
applying the so-called “Sex Tao” techniques that will quickly become
second nature.


Anti-ejaculatory positions


All positions are not worth in terms of pleasure, but also
in terms of ejaculation. Some of them make ejaculation more difficult and are
preferred when the point of no return is approaching.

You will discover how to use certain positions to delay
ejaculation, but especially as well as to apply them to be sure to no longer
undergo premature ejaculation.



Transitions of fluid positions


Changing position is not a trivial factor but an element
that can lead to ejaculation too fast. You will learn how to use position
changes to maintain maximum control over your ejaculatory control.



Reduced sensitivity of the glans


Premature ejaculation rhymes with hypersensitivity of the glans in many cases. By allowing your sensitivity to return to a normal level, your sexual intercourse will be longer. However, appropriate techniques must be used to avoid injury or desensitization of the glans.



Reduction of sexual tensions


The psyche also plays a fundamental role in the ejaculatory
mechanism. Jean Marie Corda teaches you to take control of your sexual tensions
and to prevent them from accumulating and “overflowing”.



Organization of sex


This part of the treatment against premature ejaculation allows to completely control his sexual intercourse and to obtain a total control of his level of excitation to become the ideal lover and to prolong the pleasure during hours.

better in bed

What results could you expect from this treatment for premature ejaculation?



Progress from the first day thanks to this treatment for premature ejaculation


Some points can be applied from the first day to allow to last 2 to 3 times longer in bed. It is likely that by reading these lines your previous premature ejaculation will be the last.



Respect for the health of the body


All the content of this treatment against premature
ejaculation is compatible with the health of the body. No part is risky and
none requires medication to be more effective. You will have control of your
ejaculation without requiring any palliative


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