Fluctuating libido is not just for women. In fact, men may experience a decline in their desire, whether it is related to psychological reasons (especially if you are in a couple for several years) or physiological (such as abnormally low testosterone levels). Discover in this article the best aphrodisiacs to regain your desire to make love and boost your sex life!


Viasil: the N ° 1 of aphrodisiacs

There are many aphrodisiacs that we detail in the rest of this article. However, the number one aphrodisiac remains Viasil, because it combines the effects of 7 of the most powerful aphrodisiacs (Ginseng, Ginko Biloba …).


Ginkgo biloba

Ginko is known for its antioxidant properties and benefits to your cardiovascular health. But did you know that it is also a natural aphrodisiac. By boosting your blood circulation, it will promote the feeding of your penis with blood and boost your nitric oxide: two essential elements to find a stronger and lasting erection (provided you consume regularly.You will find it easily in the form of food supplements in pharmacies (traditional or online).



The Maca is a Peruvian plant known for its adaptogenic properties. It makes it possible to get used to the altitude, but also to support an intense physical effort. That’s not all, maca is also an excellent natural aphrodisiac because it boosts your testosterone production, provided you consume regularly for at least 2 months. Result: you will find your desire (and more hard and long erections) without playing with your hormones and therefore take unnecessary risks to your health. This is why it is present in many food supplements such as Male Extra for example.



Ginseng is another plant from Asia and North America known for its aphrodisiac properties. It can boost your sexual desire and find a more fulfilling intimate life with your partner. It is also a good sexual stimulant that allows for harder and longer erections.

aphrodisiac man: the giseng



Another natural aphrodisiac that you will not need to buy in pharmacy: asparagus. This vegetable is not only known to strengthen your erection by improving your blood circulation and thus allowing your blood to come to fill the cavernous body of your penis. But it also contains vitamin K that will allow your vessels to relax and thus promote the flow of blood to your sex. A good way to avoid impotence and find a healthier libido.



Ginger is appreciated for its antioxidant properties and its anti-aging action, but it also helps to reboost your body and give it the energy and vitality it needs to want to make love. Indeed, sexual intercourse needs to be dynamic and when one feels tired one usually has less desire and motivation to sleep with one’s partner. A lack of energy will also result in difficulties of erection.

To make the most of its aphrodisiac effects, it is advisable to consume ginger one hour before taking action to give it time to take effect (as for a sexual stimulant, for example). By boosting your blood circulation and relaxing the muscles of your sex, it will fill up faster with blood and you will get a stronger and more lasting erection, but also a desire and a greater pleasure with your partner . You can eat it in its natural form or in food supplements, organic preferably to avoid possible side effects.



Oysters are not only delicious; they are also very effective natural aphrodisiacs, especially because of their calcium and zinc content. These two active ingredients will indeed affect your libido by giving you energy, and stimulating your production of sperm but also testosterone. It is therefore a food to consume regularly if you have small drops of sexual desire and want to find more firm erections.

What is the effect of oysters on male libido?


The Katuba

Katuba is an excellent natural aphrodisiac that comes straight from Brazil, where it is used to increase the power and sexual desire, but also to fight erectile dysfunction . This bark is infused, much like tea, to give a beverage with amazing aphrodisiac properties. You will usually find them at organic stores or online pharmacies dedicated to sexual health.



Another aphrodisiac of Latin America, whose effectiveness (on men and women) has been proven by scientific studies. This plant is usually smoked before being infused and drunk as a stimulating drink.



The cocoa bean, which makes chocolate, is known for its aphrodisiac properties around the world. Its content of theobromine (or caffeine) can both boost your energy level, but also to play on your sexual desire. Used as a stimulant for several hundred years, cocoa even served as a bargaining chip to pay for property in the Aztec tribes.


The avocado

Who does not like the avocado? You may enjoy it even more when you know it’s an excellent remedy for erection problems and a natural aphrodisiac. By giving you energy (thanks to its rich vitamin B5 content), it will give you the vitality you need to desire to make love to your partner.

Her other super power is to make men more sensitive and easier to stimulate sexually, which will help them to have an erection (harder and longer). As a result, eating more avocado helps to restore a healthier sex drive and a fulfilling sex life.


Squash seeds

To finish this top of the best aphrodisiacs for men, turn to the pumpkin seed that can awaken the sexual appetite ( both male and female ). Rich in zinc, it participates in the production of testosterone and boosts both the libido, but also your sexual performance (including your erection).

If you are looking for effective industrial supplements, we advise you to turn to the Viasil which allows to obtain results very quickly.