Tantric sex is more than just a way to improve one’s sexuality, it’s a powerful energy control

By mastering this method from Asia, body sensations change. For example, a pleasure in the genital area, a shiver in the back or a headache are bodily sensations.

By mastering this practice, you will be able to control and move these sensations, and gain control over both your body and mind.

what is tantric sex

How to master tantric sex?


Getting perfect control of your sexual energy is not easy. Little documentation is available
and the few online tutorials are of poor quality and will not bring any major results.



Customized training to learn tantric sex

Jean-Marie Corda’s “Sex Tao” Training is the highest quality content currently available

Jean-Marie Corda, is one of the most respected pornographic producers and actors in the world.

His training, ranging from erection control and ejaculation to penis enlargement, has already attracted more than 60,000 people.

This is the only training that convinced us for three reasons:


Clear content


All training is explained precisely and concisely, no knowledge is needed to apply it. Illustrations are even integrated to facilitate learning.



Content covering all the necessary points


All you need to know and apply is built into this training, which explains from A to Z all the steps leading to total tantric sex control.



Practical content


The theory is not enough to integrate the principles and implementation of tantric sex. Jean-Marie Corda puts himself in action so that you can reproduce the exercises he performs.



What is the content
of this tantric sex training?

2 hours of videos, 1 year training program


You will know how to evolve your program over 1 year. That is to say, only one year after starting your training, your sex life, your sexual energy and your control both sexual and emotional will be total.


Theoretical course on tantric sex

Before going to the practical side, you will know all there is to know about the tantric sex (or Sex Tao) in order to understand in full what is Tantric sex.



Physical preparationfor tantric sex


This part is very important. Without good preparation, you will not be able to effectively apply the training and your results will be very weak.



Initiation to energy displacements


It is crucial to be aware of the energetic movements of one’s body to control the tantric sex. And this seems very vague at first, Jean Marie Corda will explain how to become aware and control your energy movements.


Ejaculation blocking technique


This too is a very important point. An uncontrolled ejaculation and synonymous with a lack of control of his sexual energy. The energy accumulates too intensely on the glans, it is necessary to learn to block ejaculation and to redistribute this sexual energy.

Here, Jean-Marie Corda will give a practical demonstration to allow you to get your first results alone.

Solitary tantric sex practice


Here, Jean-Marie Corda will give a practical demonstration to allow you to get your first results alone.

Control of ejaculation and tension during the sexual act

This part will show you how to get total control of your body to prolong the pleasure for hours and hours.

Emotions Management Technique


Tantric sex is linked to emotions, control of one’s sexual energy helps to control his emotions. It is an extremely powerful side effect that will change your life.

antric sex definition

What results can I expect from tantric sex?

Total control of ejaculation


You will ejaculate only when you wish, and will be able to indulge at will for more pleasure and a conservation of sexual energy.

Total control of your emotions


Anger, fear, anxiety… uncontrolled emotions spoil the lives of almost everyone in this world. It
will not concern you anymore.

Increased concentration capacity


2nd side effect of tantric sex, very related to emotional control and essential in all situations.

Improved health of the internal organs and the nervous system


It is a remedy for the body, thanks to the control of its energy. Your health will be better than before.



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