There are more and more solutions for men to overcome their erection problems. If you are helpless, or have difficulty maintaining your erection for the duration of your intercourse, a little help may be needed and you maybe have thought about Spray X. You will usually have the choice between oral treatments (such as Vigra or Cialis), injectable solutions, creams … but also spray. This is the last type of product I wanted to talk about today.

I have indeed heard about Spray X: an innovative solution based on naturally aphrodisiac ingredients that would make it harder and longer. But must we trust the promises made by its manufacturer? What are its effects and how long do they last? This is what I will explain in this article.


Introducing Spray X

Spray X is a sexual stimulant to have longer and stronger erections. Presenting itself, as its name suggests, in the form of a spray, it is supposed to provide an easy-to-use solution. And promises to trigger an almost automatic erection once you’ve applied it. According to its manufacturer, it is its exclusive formula that allows instant effectiveness, since these active ingredients act directly on the area that allows the male to inflate and stiffen .

spray x aphrodisiac

Like many treatments against erectile dysfunction, Spray X would act on the blood circulation, which would fill the cavernous body of the penis and therefore harder. You will understand, this is a solution that is used strictly before the reports (because of its immediate effect). And not a long-term treatment.


Spray X = Atomizer X

While researching this product online, one can realize that Spray X and Atomizer X are manufactured by the same laboratory. And would have the same effects on the male sex. Moreover, the two sites from which you can order these two treatments are almost copied and pasted. We can therefore expect very similar results, with one as with the other.

In both cases, it is the promise of an immediate erection that can surprise . Indeed, even the most effective and clinically recognized treatments, such as Cialis or Levitra, do not have as fast results. And it is usually necessary to wait 30 to 45 minutes to be erect. The difference would be in the penetration of the product in cavernous bodies, and thus avoid latency … But scientifically speaking, it leaves us a little pensive.

So does Spray X really work? Or are we facing a scam?


What is its composition?

Problems start quickly when you look closely at this new product. Indeed, one can easily assess the effectiveness of a solution against erectile dysfunction by reading the list of these ingredients. But when the solution in question is a little questionable (which often happens on the Internet), we find very little information on its composition. And this is unfortunately the case with Spray X.

On the site, there is rather vague information on the presence of sexual stimulants and natural aphrodisiacs. But that’s about all. And the problem is that we have no real way of knowing what exactly these ingredients are. And in what quantity they are dosed in the spray. So we must be satisfied that it is a unique formula … And when we have to apply a product on our sex, we prefer to know a little more.

While some may naively believe that the manufacturer is simply trying to keep his formula secret. It is rather a very practical way of not having to justify the use of this or that product. And this can be a serious problem if you have allergies . Or present serious medical contraindications.

You may end up with pimpled patches or other cutaneous reaction to sex. And even worse … in front of your partner because you have to apply this product just before your reports. I’m not sure I want to impose that on myself. Even to have a harder and longer erection …


What is the dosage to follow?

However, there is more information on how to use this product. If the site speaks of immediate effect, the manufacturer then tempers this shock statement. In reality, you should start by pumping the spray and then spray it one to three times on your penis. And wait 15 minutes before it becomes erect . Because the active ingredients are applied directly to your sex, the effects would be faster than a pill that must first go through your digestive system.

The manufacturer also advises not to use it too soon (for example, not before leaving for your date), as the effects may dissipate if you are not sexually stimulated. The principle is the same as an oral stimulant, the lag time less. On the other hand, I found no information on how long Spray X would allow you to maintain your erection.


Possible side effects

You can imagine … If we have very little information on the composition of a product, it is potentially dangerous. In general, I always advise men who want to use a sexual stimulant to talk to their doctor. I know that can be intimidating for many of you. Because having problems to bend is a little shameful. However, if solutions like Viagra or Cialis are only available on prescription, it’s for a good reason. Health risks exist. And even if it is only allergic reactions, as is the case for solutions that contain only natural active ingredients, it is not to be taken lightly either.

If the manufacturer does not specify it, it would not be surprising if Spray X contains alprostadil to function. Out, this medicine is potentially dangerous and could cause priapism. That is to say give you a very painful erection that can last several hours. In some cases, priapism can cause irreversible damage. And make you helpless.

Spray X is also suspected of containing lidocaine. It is a local anesthetic that is used by dentists, for example to soothe the pain and numb the body. However, use at the penis is strongly discouraged.


X Spray Reviews: The Pros and Cons

So, what is my opinion Spray X? Honestly, reading the information given on the site, and feedback from other users, I was rather skeptical. Advantage side, we must note that S pray X is one of the fastest products on the market . The method of application is also quite practical and discreet. Contretely, you can be away for a few seconds in the bathroom before spraying the solution on your sex. But it’s almost the only positive poins I have to share on this product.

How does Spray X work?

For the rest, I am indeed extremely skeptical. And I would even advise you to avoid this solution on which we have very little information. I do not know anything about the ingredients in this spray. No clinical test can confirm its effectiveness. In addition, the price is quite high, compared to its competitors. Spray X may contain dangerous products for your sexual health, this is clearly not a good alternative to much safer solutions. And who have proven themselves.


Where and at what price to buy it?

When you buy a sexual stimulant, in whatever form, it is important to take certain precautions. Indeed, erection problems are a juicy market, and there are many questionable products on some sites. In general, for solutions that are available without prescription, and not necessarily found in pharmacy, the safest solution is to go through the manufacturer’s website. You will avoid counterfeits, which can be very dangerous for your health.

You can also test it on Amazon or eBay. But always pay attention to the seller to avoid scams. However, it is only on the official website that you can benefit from a money back guarantee. And interesting promotions. So you have everything to gain by going through this option.

As for the price, count about 30 euros for your bottle of Spray X.


Concretely, Spray X can be an ultra-interesting solution for all men who have erection problems. If that’s your case, you certainly know how male impotence can be a source of complexity. And have a very negative impact on your sex life, and your relationships.

The promise of almost immediate efficiency, an affordable price and a 100% natural composition are indeed dreaming. But given the many gray areas that exist around this product, I do not advise you to play guinea pigs. I was fortunate to have no side effects, but I can not promise you that it will be your case as well.

Indeed, there is always a risk that you are allergic to any of the products. And I would not like that to happen to you. There are many other very interesting stimulants on the market. Safe and clinically tested, they will allow you to achieve the same results (although it will necessarily take longer), without any risk to your health. In general, be careful with this type of treatment because there are many scams on the market.