A soft erection, which can also be called erectile dysfunction, will prevent you from keeping your erection long enough to have sex. In some cases, more serious, you will not be able to bend hard enough to penetrate your partner.

If this situation may seem catastrophic, and be very disabling in your sex life, do not panic! Indeed, it may be a temporary problem. It must indeed wait at least 3 months of recurring troubles to go see a specialist. But even if it drags on, there are many solutions that will allow you to remedy your soft erection. Of these, one of the most effective currently is Viasil .

To begin, you must determine the cause of your erectile dysfunction. The treatments that will be offered to you will depend on its origin. This is what we will explain in this comprehensive guide that will help you find the best solution for you. But who especially must help you to play down to find a more fulfilling sexuality.


I have a soft erection: what does that mean?

When you bandage, your sex will become rigid because it will be filled with blood. For this, it must be stimulated so that the muscles at its base can relax and accommodate the blood flow in the cavernous body of your penis. This is commonly known as erection.

However, several elements ( psychological, but also physical ) can stop the machine. And cause a soft erection. That is to say that you will have difficulties, to see being unable to obtain or to maintain an erection sufficient to be able to penetrate your partner. However, that does not mean that you will not be able to feel pleasure. Nor even enjoy and ejaculate.

What if I band soft?

Be careful also to make the difference between a transient disorder (you are tired, have drunk too much or are momentarily stressed) and a lasting situation. As we saw above, we talk about erectile dysfunction only if they are repeated for each of your reports. And that lasts for more than three months.


Not to be confused with

You think you suffer from a soft erection. Be careful to make the difference with other erection disorders. And especially :

  • Priapism : In this case, you will succeed in hardening but your erection will be painful. It can also occur without you being sexually stimulated. And last several hours without you manage to ejaculate.
  • The premature ejaculation : this disorder is to quickly ejaculate after beginning intercourse. In some cases, it will occur even before the report has begun.


What can be the causes of your soft erection?

To have an erection that could be considered “normal”, you must be in good health. At the same time on the psychological and physical level. And especially not to suffer from possible nervous, hormonal, muscular or circulation disorders.

It should also be known that the risk of having a soft erection increases with age . In any case, they are much more common when you are over the age of 50. And more than half of men with erectile dysfunction have passed this age. Also watch out for the aggravating factors of tobacco and alcohol consumption. But also weight problems.

To understand the cause of a soft erection, one must also understand the different external parameters that will precede it. Your erection depends on:

  • your sexual excitement : and therefore your libido and your hormonal health;
  • desire : which is transmitted from your brain to your sex through your nervous system;
  • the arrival of blood to your sex : which depends on your blood circulation.


Psychological causes of erectile dysfunction

Your soft erection can have a very simple explanation. Indeed, if you are quite young and you have normal erections in the morning or when you masturbate, but you band soft with your partner, the problem will most often come from your mental state.

You may be just too shy or anxious about doing something wrong with your partner. In this case, you may be excited during the preliminaries, but fail to act for lack of a sufficiently rigid erection.

In this case, your erectile dysfunction can be all the more problematic as it will cause a vicious cycle . Complex with the idea of ​​not bending hard enough, you will be even more stressed before a report. Performance anxiety is one of the main causes of erectile dysfunction and can affect both younger people and adults with long periods of celibacy, for example.

The situation within your couple may also explain a soft erection. Routine, sentimental conflict or lack of communication can lead to less frequent intercourse, shorter foreplay and therefore blocking your erection.

Finally, stress at work or following a traumatic event can be the cause of your erectile dysfunction. Same if you have depression.


The physiological causes of soft erection

Your soft erection can also be caused by physical order causes. Here are the main ones:

How to succeed to bend harder?

  • A problem in your vascular system. Certain vascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, or plaque buildup in your arteries can prevent blood from flowing normally to your sex.
  • Diabetes: Nearly half of people with diabetes suffer from erectile dysfunction. Indeed, the instability of your glycemic level can disrupt your hormonal system, but also your blood circulation. And so the sexual stimulation that will engender your erection.
  • Hypertension;
  • Some medical treatments can also cause a soft erection. Including taking antidepressants or antiepileptics.
  • Tobacco consumption. It is not for nothing that the words “smoking can make powerless ” appear on cigarette packages. By promoting hypertension, smoking can prevent blood from flowing to your sex.
  • Prostate disease: If you have had an ablation, the nerves that connect this organ to your sex may be damaged.
  • Other diseases such as multiple sclerosis (which affects the link between your brain and your penis), or the Peyronie (which will deform your penis when band.
  • Hormonal disorders. They can be caused by an imbalance in your testosterone production. Or be an external source if you are taking steroids as part of your sports practice.


Start by dramatizing!

Now that you know a little better how the erection works, and what can be the causes of a soft erection, start by de-dramatize. Indeed, whatever your age, more than 40% of men admit having already encountered this problem. And even if for a large majority of them, with a rigid enough erection is essential to have confidence in themselves and maintain good relationships within their couple, it is not a fatality.

It is even a normal phenomenon from the fifties. Which is explained by the aging of the tissues of your penis . In any case, a softer erection will not prevent you from feeling desire, pleasure. Neither to enjoy and ejaculate.

And even if it can be intimidating or ashamed to speak with a specialist, this is the first essential step to overcome your erection soft.

Let’s move on to the treatments that exist. We will categorize them according to the origin of your erectile dysfunction.


What to do if your soft erection problem is psychological?

If your soft erection is caused by a psychological disorder, there are some very simple solutions to remedy it. Start by communicating with your partner. You can do it alone or with the help of a sexologist. This specialist can help you pinpoint what is stuck in your relationship.

If stress is the cause of your erectile dysfunction, avoid the anxiolytics that may aggravate the situation. Prefer natural solutions like meditation or yoga.

In general, take this problem of erection as the opportunity to rediscover your sexuality. You can for example lengthen the duration of your foreplay and vary the caress. In any case, take your time and enjoy this moment to be more complicit with your partner. And let your excitement go up gradually.

Do not be ashamed to start penetrating even if your erection is not as vigorous as you would like. The humidity and the pressure that will exercise your vagina on your sex can help. The sensations she will feel will also be pleasant for your partner.

You can also learn to strengthen your perineum. And especially the muscles that you use to urinate. By keeping the blood at the level of your sex, it will serve as a reserve at the time of your sexual intercourse. And will definitely improve the quality of your erection.


What are the different treatments if the cause is physiological?

If the problem is physiological, your first reflex should be to consult a doctor. Only he can prescribe the treatments that will allow you to find a stronger erection. Here are the main


Oral treatments

Among the most popular solutions for treating a soft erection are oral treatments . There are two types of oral treatments:

Pills available without a prescription

These are the most popular treatments because they do not need to make an appointment with a doctor or a health specialist and can be freely purchased on the internet.

Among the most popular solutions, there is Viail , Male Extra or a little less known but equally effective Testo Ultra , which unlike Viagra, in addition to boosting the libido and lengthen the duration of reports sex. If you are hesitant, know that Testo Ultra offers a trial offer to test the product.

Pills with prescription

Including Viagra , Cialis or Levitra . Containing an active ingredient that will dilate your blood vessels and relax the muscles of the cavernous body, they facilitate erection. Be careful though because they are only effective if you are sexually stimulated.

 What can be the causes of a soft erection?

Available only under prescription from a doctor, they have a number of contraindications and side effects. Be careful not to marry them with citrus juice. And to check with a specialist that it is not contraindicated with another of your treatments.

You can use them in the short term if your worries are temporary (lack of self-confidence, prolonged celibacy). But also in the long run if your soft erection is caused by a condition such as diabetes or hypertension.

Your doctor may also prescribe hormone therapy if the problem is your testosterone level. This will allow you to find more muscle strength in your penis. But also your sexual desire. Know also that there are also stimulants like Testo Ultra that boost your testosterone without prescription .


Local treatments

You may also be prescribed local treatment. Starting with the insertion into your urethra of a suppository to help the muscles of your sex to relax.

Or substances that will allow you to have an erection of better quality. Again, these solutions are only available under prescription. And if the problem comes from a recognized illness, you can get them reimbursed by social security .

If the injection can be scary, because of the way it is administered, know that it is by no means painful. Your doctor can tell you how to proceed. So that you can reproduce the gesture safely at home. You can also count nowadays on the auto-injector pen, which clearly facilitates the procedure.


Penile prostheses

How to fight against male impotence?

As a last resort, your doctor may suggest that you place a prosthesis. This solution will only be advanced if all other treatments have failed. Or are not suited to your situation (especially if you have diabetes and oral treatments are ineffective). Be careful though to think carefully before making such a decision. In addition to being definitive, it does represent certain risks.

There are three types of prostheses:

  • rigid;
  • semi-rigid;
  • In this case, you will need to use a pump to fill the parts inside your cavernous body with a saline fluid.

It is largely your background that will allow you to choose the best prosthesis for you . But also consider the use you make of it, and the aesthetic results. The pose will usually last one hour. And the satisfaction rate of men who have had a penile prosthesis is between 90 and 99%.

But also …

Among the other solutions to counter a soft erection, you can:

  • follow an anti-smoking treatment;
  • change the diet (less fat and more sports);
  • Operate if you have Peyronie
  • use a vacuum pump placed on your sex (usually equipped with a ring that will tighten the base of your penis);


When to consult a doctor ?

As you have just seen, almost all the solutions presented in this article require the approval (and a prescription) of a doctor. Before going to consult, you must wait until your soft erection is persistent. Indeed, such treatments will not be necessary or useful if you simply go through a phase of sexual breakdowns.

It is generally advised to wait until these disorders persist for more than 3 months. And that they generate a real psychological or physiological pain. And while it may be intimidating to talk to your GP, be aware that he is used to discussing these topics with these patients. But also that erectile dysfunction is much more common than you can imagine.

Start with a first consultation only . It will certainly be easier for you to approach the subject without your partner. But eventually, his involvement is very important to help you overcome your soft erection.


How to prevent a soft erection: change your lifestyle

Even if you suffer from soft erection, know that this problem can be solved very easily. And that it is in no way reversible. You can also avoid it by taking certain precautions. And by adopting a healthier lifestyle.

  • Adopt a healthier diet. In particular, avoid foods that are too fatty, sweet or salty.
  • Play sports regularly and consistently.
  • Avoid alcohol consumption. Indeed, alcoholism can damage your nerves by causing a persistent soft erection. In any case, drinking alcohol is not recommended if you are taking  oral treatment for erectile dysfunction.
  • Stop the tobacco. Smoking will clog your arteries.
  • Diet if you are overweight.

For preventive measures regarding the psychological causes of your soft erection, emphasize your efforts to communicate with your partner. Or a sexologist who will allow you to adopt a point of view outside your situation. And to find more easily solutions to get out.


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