If you are still looking for a good reason to have sex (besides the obvious pleasure that sex provides), know that scientists have recently proven that sex is good for health.

Desire and libido would indeed make it possible to live longer, mainly because of the physical and psychological well-being they provide. In order not to spoil anything, orgasm-induced endorphin production would have soothing properties and would reduce our stress and anxiety, as well as help us sleep better. Discover all the benefits of sex, and the joys of a good part of legs in the air.


Do you know the hormone of attachment?

The hormone linked to physical and emotional attachment is called oxytocin. Produced by your caresses, they reach their maximum rate when you have an orgasm. But not only. Oxytocin is also known to reduce the risk of breast cancer. So the more your partner caresses your chest, the more you eliminate carcinogenic cells. Other peculiarities of sex: love would boost your blood circulation, and reduce the risk of inflammation that are often the cause of cancer. So even if you are single, a good doctor would advise you to masturbate.


Sex good for health: The great properties of sex

As you understand, sex is as important to your couple as it is to your physical and mental well-being. The results of scientific studies that have examined the benefits of sex are surprising. Discover some of the most incredible properties of regular sexual activity.


Sex is good for the heart

You probably already knew that a healthy and balanced diet could reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. But did you know the benefits of sex on your heart health?

English scientists conducted a study of nearly 100 men over a 2-year period and found that those who had sex at least twice a week were significantly less likely to have heart problems than those who did not have sex. only once a month. You now know how to convince your partner to join you under the quilt.

sex benefits


Sex keeps you young

If you’re tired of ruining yourself in anti-wrinkle cream, you can simply intensify your sex life. Sex indeed has amazing rejuvenating properties. A Scottish neurophychologist found that couples making love at least three times a week looked ten years younger than those who had less than two reports a week. We bet that this makeover will convince more than one.


Sex would make you smarter

If you thought that sex and intellect had nothing to do together, think again. A study conducted in Princeton has indeed proved the link between sexual fulfillment and intelligence in laboratory rats. Regular sexual activity would allow our brain to grow faster and neurons to be better connected to each other. Between cramming and sleeping, you now know what you have to do to shine in society.


Cancel your gym membership

Another advantage of a sex life more fulfilling, your reports will indeed burn calories without paying a subscription in a gym. It’s also a much more fun technique than spending hours on a bike.

Sex allows you to gradually increase your heart rate, and depending on the positions you take, you can burn more calories than running. Some even come close to yoga postures. Another good reason to stay warm and train with your partner.


Sex good for health: He can reduce your stress

It’s hard to escape stress with our frenetic modern lifestyles. Rather than going to the spa or taking meditation classes, why not spend more time under the duvet with your man or girlfriend.

Sex makes it possible to reduce our stress and anxiety, and to have more confidence in us. After orgasm, our body releases prolactin, which allows us to sleep better and especially, to find restful sleep that is essential to our psychological well being. Ideal to recharge your batteries after a long day of work.


Sex dating sites: a good way to make love often?

We have just seen it, making love often brings real health benefits. If you want to make love more often, I urge you to look at sexual dating sites , which can easily find partners for parts of legs in the air.

There are many sex platforms.

Nevertheless beware, there are many scams set up by some naughty sites that are actually empty of members. Do not be fooled and bet on sure values ​​like Becoquin and AdultFriendFinder, true references of naughty dating sites.

Of course, as always, think about going out covered