Sperm is certainly the secretion that makes the most of it. It must be said that its role is not least, the seminal fluid is home to the precious sperm necessary for procreation. For the man, it is also the symbol of his virility . Beyond some problems related to ejaculation disorders , it can happen that sperm quality is not optimal. So let’s see together all you need to know about the renewal of sperm.

Often it is the hygiene of life that is singled out as the main suspect. Most of the time, just make a few adjustments for a return to normal . This is exactly what we are going to talk about in this article dedicated to sperm renewal. We will see together how to get a better quality semen .

sperm renewal


Sperm: texture, color, smell … what is its normal appearance?


Before talking about the renewal of sperm, let’s see together what is its “normal” appearance. Of course there is no predefined standard and the sperm varies according to the men and their way of life. However, here are some orders of magnitude that define the most common standards. You will be able to establish a small quality diagnosis to determine if you need to take steps to proceed with sperm renewal.


  • To begin, the sperm is usually whitish or beige . If your sperm is yellow , it is often because of the oxidation of one of the proteins contained in the seminal fluid. In this case a sperm renewal will be welcome.
  • Generally the texture of the sperm is gelatinous . It liquefies after about ten minutes. However, if your seminal fluid is thick , or rather transparent, you may need to make a sperm renewal. You will find a normal consistency quickly.
  • Many wonder what is the taste of sperm . Its smell gives you a pretty close idea, the liquid is rather acrid . Indeed its normal pH oscillates between 7.2 and 7.8. It is therefore slightly alkaline.
  • As for the quantity, a healthy and middle-aged man ejaculates between 1.5 and 4.5 ml , between 1/2 and 1 spoon. If you do not ejaculate enough, know that there are simple and natural ways to increase the volume of sperm .
  • Finally, the normal distance of an ejaculation is about 20 cm . If you want to improve this and ejaculate further , again there are simple methods to get there. If you suffer from drooling cumshot , there too, some adjustments will be enough for a return to normal fast.


Improve sperm renewal with better nutrition


As we told you, all the anomalies we have just seen can easily be resolved. In fact, sperm, like all body fluids, is made from the nutrients your body absorbs from your diet. The equation is so simple, if you improve your diet, you will improve sperm turnover. To obtain a good quality sperm, there are several foods to prioritize:

  • oranges, lemons, grapefruits … all fruits that are rich in antioxidant .
  • oysters, beef and chicken for zinc contained in these foods.
  • all dairy products, for their vitamin D
  • various cereals and vegetables for vitamin B9
  • nuts, seeds and eggs because they contain L-Arginine , an amino acid essential for sperm renewal.

Sperm quality and nutrition

Of course, for optimal sperm turnover, you need healthy eating habits . Avoid fatty, salty and sugary foods. In addition, I advise you to trade alcohol and soda for water.


Improve sperm quality with a dietary supplement


As we said, sperm renewal will depend on the nutrients available to your body. If you follow a suitable diet for several weeks, you will see good results. However if you want to make sure that sperm renewal will be in the best conditions, then we advise you to help a dietary supplement . There are several who specialize in the quality of erections, ejaculations and a fortiori sperm .


Sperm Renewal: Latest Tips


As you can see, for optimal sperm turnover, you need to adopt healthy eating habits. The practice of a sport as well as a sufficient sleep are of course also determining factors. And if you combine good resolutions with the use of a food supplement, it’s even better.

make love to renew sperm

But the best way to ensure a good sperm renewal is still to make love . And yes, simply! Indeed, the more you make love, the more you increase your serotonin levels . Serotonin is a hormone that stimulates the production of testosterone, so you produce more sperm. In short, it is a true virtuous circle that is set up. 

One more thing, do not forget to relax and avoid all sources of stress . Indeed the psychological state greatly influences the quality of sperm produced. So do not hesitate to practice meditation or relax in the way that suits you best.