Premature ejaculation is a common sexual disorder . It affects almost a third of the population, can occur at any point in the sex life and affect anyone.

The causes of this dysfunction are varied and can be of biological or psychological origin. Fortunately, premature ejaculation is not inevitable . There are many solutions today that can prolong the pleasure: tips and tricks to the miracle pill, through the relaxation exercises, in this article we will tell you everything.


Premature ejaculation, what is it?

Ejaculation is when the muscles at the base of the penis – the perineal muscles – contract to evacuate sperm accumulated in the urethra.


How does ejaculation work?

For a start, a sexual relationship begins with an excitement that starts in the brain. This results in an erection that ends with ejaculation , accompanied – or not – by orgasm . 
Ejaculation is done in two phases. First there is the emission phase: it is when the semen goes from the testicles to the urethra, this moment is characterized by a tension felt at the base of the penis, the glans and the abdomen. Then comes the phase of expulsion or “ejaculatory reflex”: when the sperm is expelled from the penis.


Am I an early ejaculator?

We talk about precocity when the moment between erection and ejaculation is less than 1 minute . And we will consider this a disorder if ejaculation is systematically early and if it generates a real discomfort. According to the ISSM (International Society of Sexual Medicine), the diagnosis of premature ejaculation is based on three pillars:

  • the time of ejaculation too fast,
  • control of ejaculation impossible
  • the ill-being caused.

There are two types of premature ejaculation. Either the disorder has always been present, it is called “primary” is the problem has appeared during the sex life, or with some women, it will be “secondary”. In either case, there are solutions to increase the time of intercourse.


Some figures that reassure

But by the way, do you know the average time of sexual intercourse? 30 minutes in theory, 19 minutes in practice. Spread in 10 minutes of preliminaries and 9 minutes of coitus.

And if you do not feel satisfied with performance, know that you are not the only one! Nearly 80% of men think that their sexual time should be longer.

One-third of the world’s population suffers from premature ejaculation. And 80%, although medically speaking have no trouble, are still not satisfied with the duration of sexual intercourse. So, you will understand, we all seek to delay ejaculation , we all seek to last longer, this is not just a problem of precocity, otherwise it is a problem usually male.


Premature ejaculation, causes.

Premature ejaculation is not a disease, if not a disorder . It’s not something you catch like you’ll catch a cold. It is a disturbance that prevents the performance of a function – here, being erect for several minutes despite strong excitation – There are two major types of disturbance: physical disturbances and psychic disturbances.


Physical causes of erection too short

ejaculation too fast

  • Hypersensitivity of the glans and hypersensitivity of the ejaculation reflex: too many felt physical sensations that lead too quickly to a too strong response.
  • Disorders in the transmission of the nervous message : transmission channel like the spinal cord, damaged or broken.
  • Inflammation of the prostate : the prostate contracts during ejaculation and its inflammation can lead to erectile dysfunction.
  • Thyroid problems : This gland is responsible for making hormones, its malfunction directly affects the nervous system, its messages and its responses
  • Neurological disease : this is the disorder of the nervous system (multiple sclerosis).

If you have premature ejaculation it is important to consult a doctor to establish a professional diagnosis and establish whether the cause is physical or not. There are appropriate treatments that can solve the problem.


Psychological causes of uncontrolled ejaculation

Ejaculation is mostly a history of the nervous system . The excitement that arises in our brain at the time of initiating sexual intercourse triggers in us a whole series of messages and answers. The blood vessels dilate, the erectile bodies fill with blood, the erection then the ejaculatory reflex.


A lack of Serotonin


Our nervous system remains a little known theme, and especially very complex. However, studies have shown that the lack of Serotonin – which is one of the neurotransmitters responsible for our mental health – is the main source of sexual disorders in general and premature ejaculation in particular.

Thus, to know the main psychological causes of premature ejaculation, we must go back to the causes of the lack of Serotonin in the body:

  • Accumulated Stress and Anxiety : A stressful lifestyle – or tension with your partner – lowers Serotonin, which lowers your erectile performance, which lowers your satisfaction, increases frustration, increases anxiety, which increases the stress … Anyway, it’s a vicious circle!
  • The lack of sun because the light stimulates the manufacture of Serotonin in the brain. Yes, it’s bad luck for Norwegians who know 3 months without sun during the year!
  • An unhealthy diet that can lead to a deficiency of Tryptophan, Serotonin-producing amino acid.

A lack of self-confidence

However, the other person responsible for sexual disorders is self-confidence . Very often it is the trigger of premature ejaculation secondary type (the disorder has appeared during the sex life): an erectile breakdown , a sudden ejaculation and uncontrolled, it can happen to everyone and moreover, it happens to everyone. We rarely understand why, but it’s like “the mistake is human” sometimes you are a true sex god and sometimes you are only human! It does not matter and this is only a problem if you decide that one is wrong. We tend to fix our mistakes and far from solving our problems, we create them!


Premature ejaculation, the solutions.

Although the most concerned are premature ejaculators diagnosed, I also invite men who are not satisfied with their sexual performance to look at the tricks, exercises and treatments that exist to prolong the pleasure .

There are two main categories of solutions that can delay ejaculation. The basic solutions – which can be pharmacological or psychological – and the solutions to implement in full act. Of course, the best would be to combine at least one bottom-up solution with several tips to achieve during the act.


Background treatments to prolong the pleasure

There are two ways to approach sexual disorders when seeking a treatment of substance. Either one looks at the mental aspect, psychological. Either we look at the biological aspect. In both cases, one will try to restore a high serotonin level .


Look after your mind

sexotherapy to improve ejaculation time

Sex therapy or traditional psychotherapy will seek to identify the root of the problem that may be emotional. The general idea is that it is thought that governs behavior and that if we want to change it, we must go back to thinking, understanding and changing it.

A sex therapy or couples therapy takes place on several appointments, first it is necessary to establish the situation, putting words on the actions. Then the therapist will make you aware of your thought pattern. Little by little you will be able to modify it via exercises to practice at home. It’s a long-term solution.


Play sports !

However, if you are not particularly fond of going to a sex therapist to talk about your sexual performance, be aware that studies have shown that playing a sport or a regular activity promotes libido, helps have a lasting erection and controlled ejaculation. Indeed, any physical activity, especially if it is practiced in the open air, reduces stress and anxiety, enhances vitality and therefore increases the creation of happiness hormones including Serotonin.

High Serotonin says longer erection .

Whether you are jogging or rather couch psychologist, you will in both cases arm yourself with patience. Indeed, it is not a miracle recipe to extend the erection from one day to the next. In addition, you will have to be consistentin your approach, accept the ups and downs and especially do not get discouraged and persist.


Eat better, be better in bed:

The recommended diet to follow for beautiful erections is the same as that followed to display a beautiful silhouette. Good news, it’s a combo 2 in 1 that we offer you and on top of that, it’s very simple, there are two rules to respect

watermelons to delay ejaculation

 1. Avoid fatty and sugary foods.

2. Drink water, hydrate and reduce your alcohol consumption.

Specifically, for a good erection, you need to consume foods that promote the fluidity of blood , these are the ones that will help you to make nitric oxide. Eat fruits and vegetables: apples, peaches, bananas for fruits and salad, asparagus, onions and peppers with regard to vegetables.

In addition, recent studies have shown that pomegranate and watermelon boost sexual performance and increase testosterone levels.


Medication treatments created specifically to prolong your erection:

The so-called “aggressive” methods

Biological solutions are often faster to take effect . In the case of premature ejaculation, the drug will seek to act on the hormonal aspect of the disorder and influence the rate of serotonin. The best-known remedy in this category is called dapoxetine. It is taken about 3 hours before sexual intercourse and allows to extend up to 3 times the coitus time.

Dapoxetine works as an anti – depressant – it changes the chemical ground of the brain to balance hormone secretion – it is a prescription drug, after the doctor’s diagnosis and there are several contraindications. Dapoxetine is a drug that is not to be taken lightly , its action is certainly effective, but be careful anyway if you embark on this type of heavy treatment.


Natural solutions, a softer method

If you’re not in favor of this type of medicine classified as “heavy artillery” and you prefer to look for softer solutions, there are a lot of less aggressive and equally effective treatments. One of them is called Climax Control .

Climax Control also acts on the serotonin secreted by the body, but it does so in a gentler way because its composition is free of pharmaceutical substances synthesized from harmful toxins. This remedy prefers the action of natural products like extracts of shrub seeds or berries conjugated with the action of several vitamins whose organism suffers the deficiency.

Its mode of action does not alter the chemistry of the brain, it reinforces the contributions your body naturally needs to increase serotonin levels , energy and strength. This remedy does not require the advice of a doctor or prescription and has no side effects or contraindications .

Climax Control is taken daily and its effectiveness is felt from the first days . And after a few months the symptoms have completely disappeared.

 →  In summary, Climax Control has it all! This is our favorite:

  • Naturally increases serotonin levels,
  • Lasts 4 times longer,
  • Your confidence in you increases with the days,
  • Your manhood is stronger,
  • You are fulfilled in your sex life … And your spouse too!

In addition, it is a treatment whose effectiveness is proven in the long term but whose results are not expected! Do not wait any longer, try Climax Control .


Tips and tricks for prolonging sexual intercourse

Tips under the quilt

There are also solutions to put in place directly during the sexual act.


Find the point of no return

Remember, at the beginning of the article we explained that ejaculation takes place in two phases: that of emission and that of expulsion or “ejaculatory reflex”. You can not control the ejaculatory reflex – which is, as the name implies, a deliberate act – but you can delay its engagement and stay between the two phases. This moment when the penis is erect, ready to unload. This precise moment is called “point of no return”.

It is easily recognizable in most men. It is characterized by:

  • a tension at the base of the penis,
  • tremors,
  • stiffness of the body,
  • the accelerating heart rate.

It’s the climax of excitement . The right moment before losing all control over your pleasure and ejaculation. It is important that you learn to spot this point so you can control your excitement and therefore ejaculation. Try to recognize the climax of your excitement by masturbating yourself or just in bed with your spouse.


The squeeze and the stop and go

stop and go

Once you can spot the point of no return, try to control your excitement at the right time, in order to prolong coitus . The “squeeze” is to put pressure on your penis with the thumb and forefinger it allows to keep longer the erect penis by blocking the ejaculation reflex. As for the “stop and go” it is a question of directly curbing the movements of come and go, even to leave the penis of the vagina of your sexual partner for a moment to make the excitement fall before taking again in the fly.

If you like to masturbate, take the opportunity to try both tricks before you start . You will have more confidence in you and know your limits better. You can combine both tricks and squeeze your glans while slowing down the movements, to gently remove yourself. Take the opportunity to change position, take a deep breath and relax.


Help yourself with a local anesthetic gel

If you can not find your point of no return or the trick of “squeeze” and “stop and go” do not work for you, you can apply a local numbing gel on your glans. This reduces the sensitivity, and therefore lowers your level of excitement. Do not worry, his gels will not affect your partner whose pleasure will not be affected. On the contrary, this gel can serve as a lubricant and its application can be, why not, a good excuse to start a sensual game during the preliminaries.

Well, you know everything about premature ejaculation.


One last tip

If you are a couple, talk to your partner, do not make your disorder a personal taboo. And above all, make love ! Otherwise, all you will gain is the distance of your spouse, extra tension in your relationship and probably a drop in libido . You will aggravate your marital relations.

Remember that 30% of the population suffers from premature ejaculation . And in a general way, 80% of men are not satisfied with their erection. You are far from being a case apart . Face this problem differently from most people. Show yourself as you are, show him that you have enough self-confidence. Talk about your dysfunction and solve the problem together. If you establish this trust between you two, it will be easier for you to put in place solutions in your sexual practices.

You may be surprised at the benefits of good communication within a couple!