Do you know the PC muscle? His full name is the pubococcygeus muscle. It is a very important muscle in the human anatomy, since it plays a vital role during sexual intercourse. Strengthening it can be a great help to you and help you achieve a more fulfilling sexuality. PC muscle exercise will also help you fight a lot of problems, and prevent the aging of this muscle.

In humans, the PC muscle is located between the testicles and the anus. Specifically, it is from the coccyx to the pubic muscle, and it supports the pelvic organs. Its strategic position allows it to act on many of the organs in the pelvic cavity. Want to know more about the effects of PC muscle on your sexuality? Would you like to know some techniques to help you get your muscles right at home? Follow the rest of this article, and we’ll answer all your questions.


The PC muscle, what is it for?

exercise and function of the pc muscle

As we have mentioned, the position of the pubococcygeus muscle gives it many effects, especially visible during the sexual act. More generally, this muscle, when it is not worked enough, is responsible for urinary incontinence or fecal incontinence. It is therefore very important to make it work on a daily basis, to ensure its proper functioning. In case he is too relaxed, a reeducation may be necessary, this is the case in women after pregnancy, and this is called perineal reeducation.

In men, in addition to this function, the PC muscle can have a great importance for a fulfilling sexuality. Indeed, it can help you control erection, and fight against premature ejaculation. When you control it, you can control your ejaculation, take more pleasure and multiply orgasms. However, to achieve complete control of this muscle, regular practice of certain exercises is essential. We explain to you which exercises you will be able to choose to carry out to keep it strong every day.


Exercise for the PC muscle

At first, you will see that these exercises are very simple to perform. They will only take a short time, and you can do them anywhere. At home, or even at the office! Your penis does not have to be erect to be effective, which will allow you more discretion to exercise where you want. In addition, these exercises will not tire you like a cardio exercise, for example. They will not make you sweat, and you can continue your day normally.

However, to have good results, you will have to be regular in the practice of these exercises. It is by strength of training that you will gain in muscle and thus in control of this part of your body. However, during your exercises, take care not to go too far in the movements, and stop before you start injuries. You must take your time and proceed in stages. Start slowly, and vary the intensity and repetitions of the exercises as you improve. This is the only way to get good results without risk of injury!


How to locate the pubococcygeus muscle?

Before starting these exercises, it is natural that you wonder how you will be able to work a muscle that you do not know how to locate. Rest assured, you are not alone in this case, yet you use this muscle every day. So you already know his presence, without even suspecting it!

A very simple way to locate it will be to trigger a urge to urinate and then stop it almost as early. You have felt? It is this PC muscle that works when you stop the urge to urinate. This simple mechanism can allow you to train your muscle to make it stronger. Now that you know where it is, and you know how it feels to work, all you have to do is apply the following exercises!


Warming up the PC muscle

The last step before starting these exercises is to do a warm-up, which will help you prepare your muscle for the efforts you will ask it to make afterwards. This phase is very important to avoid injuries. It is strongly discouraged to work a muscle that is cold. The effort could be too intense, and it could lead to rips in the area you want to work.

For these warm-ups, you can start with simple contractions and relaxation of the muscle. Do a number of repetitions of these contractions, and rest. Are you ready to start?


Kegel exercises

pc muscle man exercises

Kegel exercises are the most effective for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. Kegel was a gynecologist specialized in this field. He is at the origin of these exercises, known worldwide today. These exercises repeat the same operation as the warm-up that we presented above. Find out what they consist of:

  • Exercise 1. For this exercise, you will need to contract the PC muscle for 30 seconds. Then let it sit for 10 seconds. You must be aware of its relaxed state, to be able to relax the muscle completely. Then repeat this exercise 10 times.

  • Exercise 2. During this PC muscle exercise, you will need to make rapid movements of contraction and relaxation of your muscle, quite quickly. Do them for a few seconds and rest for 10 seconds. Then start again, again with a series of 10 repetitions.

  • Exercise 3. This exercise is more complicated, and if you can not do it in your first sessions, do not worry, take your time. You must not impose too complicated exercises on your muscle, you must prepare it and gradually increase their intensity. For this exercise, you will need to contract the PC muscle for a minute. Release it for a minute as well, and repeat this technique twice.

  • Exercise 4. Finally, this exercise resumes the previous one, but with a higher frequency. You will only be able to put it into practice when you are well trained and your pubo-coccygeal muscle has already acquired some strength, otherwise you may be afraid of injury. Repeat muscle contraction for 60 seconds, and release for 60 seconds as well. This time, you will have to repeat this process 5 times.

As you will have seen, these exercises work on the principle of contraction and relaxation. You can vary the repetitions of these movements, and play with intensity. To vary these exercises, you can also simply work the contraction to go further in this movement. Look for maximum contract, for a while, then release, and also seek the most complete relaxation possible. This will allow you to gain more control in this important muscle.

To play with the intensity, you can also start your contractions slowly, then gradually increase their frequency. This will help your muscle gain flexibility, ideal for allowing you to hold back ejaculation, if you have unintentional premature ejaculation problems . These exercises will also be very helpful in helping you to achieve greater ejaculation, so as to increase its power and the amount of sperm it will contain.


Other exercises for the PC muscle

There are other exercises and techniques you can do to train your PC muscle. Let’s discover them together:

  • Exercises with an erection. Exercises can also be performed while you are erect, and they will have different intensity. The technique is to massage your penis, until you get to the erection. Once this point is reached, contract the PC muscle to prevent orgasm. Massage again, and repeat the procedure, contract as hard as possible to stop the arrival of orgasm and ejaculation. If you can not remember the latter, it’s just that your muscle is not yet trained enough. You will need more exercises to get to this checkpoint. Continue!

  • Exercise during the sexual act. It’s a simple and fun way to exercise, involving your partner in these exercises. You will not feel like doing any exercises at all! You will simply enjoy this moment of pleasure to train your PC muscle naturally. These exercises can be done during penetration. It will be enough for you to follow the previous techniques, to contract then relax your muscle. This will allow you to hold longer before reaching orgasm. However, you must make sure that you partner agrees to perform these exercises with you! She can also, in turn, muscle her own muscle, making herself these contractions. You can alternate your workouts, and you will spend a fun time together.

  • The stop and go. Another very useful technique to prevent premature ejaculation and to increase the duration of your sexual intercourse, the stop and go is a very widespread technique. It is very simple to put into practice. During sexual intercourse, all you have to do is stop the comings and goings when the excitement is at its peak and you feel the orgasm arrive. Resume when you feel that the pressure has gone down, and that you have managed to stop ejaculation. You must be in agreement with your partner to practice this technique, not to create frustration.

  • The technique of squeeze. The last technique we offer is also very simple. When you feel that you can hardly restrain orgasm anymore, you will need to put pressure on the brake of your penis. This will allow you once again to increase the duration of your sexual intercourse.

man kegel exercises


Other tips for a powerful PC muscle

In addition to these exercises, we could give you other tips to help you gain control in this part of your body.



At the end of the exercise sessions that we have proposed, do not forget to massage. This will act as a stretch of the PC muscle after exercise, which will be essential for proper recovery and to prevent injury. To do this, slowly pull on your penis, then release it. Repeat several times, without going too far in stretching.



Finally, breathing is an essential point throughout these exercises, no matter which ones you choose to perform. You will need to breathe calmly, control your breath, calm your body and relax or contract the PC muscle effectively. Breathing always plays a very important role. It will help you control yourself, slow down ejaculation and take more pleasure. It is a very simple mechanism that helps you to have more fun, without even realizing it and without asking you a lot of effort!

So, are you ready to start these exercises to successfully strengthen your pubococcygeus muscle?