Certain foods and natural ingredients you eat, certainly without thinking, have the power to help you have better erections. And to avoid the impotence masculine passing. They are indeed natural vasodilator, whose effectiveness has been proven by numerous scientific studies.

So, how do they work? These substances help expand your blood vessels, and produce more nitric oxide. Which will relax the muscle cells of your penis. A natural vasodilator will also have other interesting impacts on your body. Including allowing you to be healthier, and avoiding cardiovascular disease.

So can we eat better to have an hard-on easily? Answer in this article.


What is a natural vasodilator and what is it for?

The whole point of a natural vasodilator is to prevent erectile dysfunction . How? Simply by helping to better dilate your blood vessels. And so to increase the flow of blood to your penis . When you have an erection, the brain sends the rest of your body the instruction to send blood to the cavernous body of the male. Off, if the veins and arteries are not sufficiently dilated, you will have difficulty banding.

Natural solutions to fight against impotence

But that’s not all. A natural vasodilator also provides you with more energy , which is essential when you have sex. Your muscles will also better oxygenate, and your muscle fiber enhanced by the synthesis of other nutrients you ingest (such as creatine or glutamine).

Natural validators will therefore not only boost your sexual power . But also to prevent certain diseases that can cause an erection disorder. Like high blood pressure, but also heart failure. Not to mention poor circulation.

They also allow you to take muscle mass faster. Which is also interesting if you practice a sport like bodybuilding.


The best natural vasodilators

Now that you know the amazing benefits of the natural vasodilator, find out which ones are the most effective.



If coffee is one of the most consumed energy drinks in the world, it also has interesting properties for a sex life more fulfilled. In addition to acting as a stimulant (fighting fatigue and giving you more energy in bed), caffeine improves vasodilation and increases your blood circulation.

As a result, men who drink 2 coffees a day are less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. Solid proof that highlights the benefits of coffee on your sexual health. Avoid drinking too much sugar.


Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper is not just a good way to spice up your dishes. And burn your fats more effectively, but it is also known as an effective natural vasodilator. Why ? Because it contains a very important ingredient for the dilation of your blood vessels. Capsaicin.

This active ingredient will indeed accelerate the activity of nitric oxide, an enzyme that will in turn boost your vasodilatation. And so improve the flow of blood to your sex, especially. Regularly taking cayenne pepper therefore reduces the risk of erectile dysfunction.


Grape seeds

Do you spit grape seeds when you eat this fruit? Well, you’ll think about it twice next time. Indeed, grape seeds are excellent natural vasodilators. In addition to being very low in calories, and preventing your testosterone from turning into estrogen (a male sex hormone essential for a vigorous and lasting erection), they will also help you stimulate your vasodilatation.

It is primarily by acting on your nitric oxide levels in the blood that their action will be as effective. It will indeed increase the activity of this enzyme, and therefore improve your blood pressure and dilation of your blood vessels. You will have to get used to its slightly bitter taste, and eat them with another food to better digest them. Ideally, you can eat it as a dietary supplement in the form of grape seed extract.


Dark chocolate

Eating raw cacao beans can produce more nitric oxide, and therefore boost your blood circulation. It is also an excellent natural antioxidant, and a good way to reduce your blood pressure. It is preferred black to avoid sugar intake. And we always eat it occasionally.


The lemon

Lemon, like all foods rich in vitamin C, helps preserve nitric oxide by preventing it from being affected by free radicals. Which makes it an excellent natural vasodilator, and solution against male impotence . You will also find in oranges or grapefruit.


The grenade

Pomegranate is also a real booster of nitric oxide levels, and as such a very good natural vasodilator. It also helps to reduce stress, another factor that may explain why you have difficulty banding. It also prevents inflammation, and improves your heart function.

Natural solutions to fight against impotence


Rich in L-arginine, the nuts help to better dilate your blood vessels, and thus improve your sexual functions and your life as a couple. To boost their natural properties, it is recommended to soak them in water overnight. You can choose cashew, brazil or Macadamia. Or eat nuts or pine nuts instead.


The watermelon

Watermelon is another very effective natural vasodilator. Rich in L-citrulline, an amino acid that acts as a direct precursor of nitric oxide and will therefore improve your vasodilatation, until saturation.


The salmon

Salmon, like many cold-water fish, is rich in omega 3, a nutrient essential for the health of your blood vessels. And who will improve your blood flow? Rich in coenzyme Q10, salmon is an excellent natural vasodilator that will relax your arteries, and prevent nitric oxide from deteriorating.

It is therefore one of the most effective vasodilators in the long term, making it an excellent remedy for erectile dysfunction. And you will better satisfy your partner.


The onion

Eating onion is not only good for your general health, but also and above all for your sexual health. Its quercetin content makes it an excellent protector of your nitric oxide level. He will trap and recycle it to produce new molecules. A natural phenomenon crucial to dilate blood vessels. And therefore improve the flow of blood to the genitals.

Its benefits, however, depend largely on the pH of your blood and its concentration of oxygen. Without this, it will most often be completely ineffective. But since it is very low in calories, you can eat it without moderation.



Several clinical trials have shown that beets are ideal for dilating blood vessels. But also reduce blood pressure. It also has amazing anti-inflammatory properties. And so is ideal for boosting your sexual performance.



Rich in nitrate, garlic helps strengthen the nitric oxide enzyme. This makes it an excellent natural vasodilator. Garlic would therefore reduce blood pressure, and therefore improve your overall health. Do not hesitate to add it to your preparations, to have a hard erection more easily.

What is the best vasodilator to improve blood circulation?

Although its properties are often thought to derive from its nitrate and nitrite composition (which can be converted to nitric oxide via saliva), it is actually another compound that confers its vasodilator properties. 



Rich in vitamin C, parsley is another very effective vasodilator. It will allow you to improve the influx of blood to your sex, and therefore to stay in erection harder and longer.



In addition to being known as a natural aphrodisiac , (which helps increase libido) ginger is ideal for increasing the dilation of your blood vessels. And therefore promote the flow of blood throughout your body, including the male sex. You can eat it fresh, dried or powdered. But also as oil or in your juices. Anti-inflammatory, it has many other health benefits.



When consumed fresh, this aromatic herb is an excellent natural vasodilator. Use it in preparing your dishes for better sexual performance and enjoy your partner.