Although male impotence remains a taboo subject for many, almost half of men experience an erection problem at least once in their life. However, if we speak most often of a temporary situation, some face difficulties that can put in danger their sexual life and make them lose confidence in themselves. Find out how to fix it and what solutions to fight helplessness are most effective.


What can be the causes of male impotence

Male impotence can have several origins, both physical and psychological. However, it is the second category that is the most common. Generally, a man may have difficulty with his erection because of the stress he feels, his fear of failing, or simply because he no longer wants his partner (especially in a couple).

Its lifestyle can also explain this type of problem, especially if it consumes alcohol, smokes or takes drugs. Men with diabetes are also more prone to impotence . Finally, erection problems can be caused by taking certain medications, especially in case of hypertension, angina, or if you are on antidepressant.

If you suffer from male impotence, it is generally advisable to consult a doctor if these difficulties last more than three months, or if they are sources of physical or mental suffering. Although it can be embarrassing to talk to a health professional (and even more so with your family doctor), it is necessary to get an accurate diagnosis, but also to have a treatment prescribed (even if online pharmacies represent a more discreet alternative).


Preventive actions to prevent erectile dysfunction

Before considering the best solutions to treat impotence, it is possible to take some preventive measures. To avoid erection problems, you will have to adapt new and healthier lifestyle habits.

Start by reducing your stress , since anxiety can lead to male impotence and limit your libido. You can meditate, or take yoga classes or sophrology that will help you better manage your stress.

It is also advisable to reduce or stop smoking, alcohol and drugs. These products have a negative impact on your blood circulation and will significantly reduce your erectile abilities and thus cause sexual breakdowns. Alcohol is even more dangerous by limiting your body’s production of testosterone. In high doses (more than three glasses a day), it will extinguish your libido.

What are the natural solutions to regain a strong erection?

A poor diet can also have a negative impact on your erection , including salt, sugar and fat. Consider also to resume the sport to improve your blood circulation (towards your penis, but also your other organs), and make more often the love. Regular sexual activity will optimize your arterial circulation and therefore a more powerful and lasting erection.


Drugs against male impotence

The first solution to which you can turn if you suffer from male impotence are oral treatments such as Viagra or Cialis , in which you will always find one of the following three active ingredients;

  • tadalafil;
  • sildenafil;
  • vardenafil

These molecules will not only work on the muscles of your penis (allowing them to relax and allow the blood to circulate to your cavernous body and thus trigger erection, however, because these treatments affect the physical symptoms impotence, but will only be effective if you are stimulated sexually (by preliminaries, caresses of your partner) and therefore do not play on the libido .

If they are effective in less than an hour (30 minutes for Cialis) and can work for up to 36 hours, they do present health risks (especially if you suffer from other health problems or they interact with other drugs, such as nitrate derivatives). See here all the pills for maintain a good erection .

It is for this reason that they are available for sale only on prescription, and therefore requires the advice of a doctor. The other weak point of oral treatments is that they are only effective in the short term and will help you to regain your self-esteem, especially if you have not had a relationship for a long time, but in no case overcome a deeper problem. They are also often toxic as part of a course of several weeks.

Although Viagra is today the best-known medicine, there are very many equivalent to Viagra without prescription .


Hormonal treatments

Your doctor may also prescribe testosterone-based hormone therapy (if your impotence problem is due to a failure of your body). This will allow you to find a healthier libido but also a more vigorous erection. Again, this is only a temporary solution , which can be toxic if you take it too long.

It is usually given orally or by injection directly into your penis and allows you to have an erection quickly (even if you are not sexually stimulated). You can only get it with a doctor’s prescription and can be reimbursed by Social Security (depending on your country) if the source of your impotence and related to a disease (such as prostate cancer or multiple sclerosis), unlike sexual stimulants .

If you are worried that you will not be able to inject yourself, ask your doctor to explain how to do it or to prescribe an auto-injector pen that will make the operation much easier (because almost automatic).


Other medical treatments

Other medical treatments exist other medical solutions for treating impotence, namely prostheses, and vacuum pumps.


The prosthesis

The penile prosthesis is a solution of last resort (because definitive) which consists of a palliative surgical procedure to put a prosthesis at the level of your sex. It will only be recommended in cases where all other treatments have been shown to be ineffective. Your doctor should therefore first of all present you the various choices of prostheses available to you, as well as the risks that this operation presents, especially if you suffer from heart problems or diabetes.

What are the best ways to treat impotence?

You will have the choice between:

  • a semi-rigid prosthesis;
  • an inflatable prosthesis in 2 or 3 parts equipped with a pump that will fill your cavernous body (behind your bladder) with saline. It is certainly this last solution which will prove the most effective, by making it possible to obtain a fast and durable erection.

Depending on your background, your needs (in terms of frequency or aesthetics) and even your ability to use such a prosthesis, your doctor will guide you to the best choice. Your denture will last about an hour, and although it may pose some risks (like any surgical procedure), it is actually effective in over 95% of cases.


A vacuum pump

Your doctor may also advise you to use a vacuum pump. It will work through a tube placed on your sex and that will create a depression to circulate blood to your penis, in your cavernous body. In a second step, you will need to place a ring at the base of your penis to facilitate erection. You will have to keep it for the entire sex act, no more than half an hour though.

It is a solution all the more effective that it requires no surgery or taking medication. It is therefore ideal for men with serious contraindications to the treatments presented above.

In any case, male impotence is often the result of psychological problems, it will be necessary to consult a sexologist who will allow you to solve the deeper reasons that can cause your erectile dysfunction. These solutions are therefore only temporary and should allow you to regain confidence in yourself, not solve your difficulties as if by magic.


Natural solutions to overcome male impotence

There are also many natural solutions to find an erection more easily. Some foods have indeed aphrodisiac properties and can therefore help you find a better libido. This is particularly the case of ginger, oysters, chocolate but also fruits and red wine (with moderation of course) and cinnamon.

Beet juice is another natural solution against impotence, this vegetable is rich in antioxidants and vitamins that will boost your nitrate levels and thus promote the flow of blood to your penis. You can eat it as beet root powder, which will be enriched in nitrate and easier to drink.

Exposing your penis to the sun (and especially your testicles) is another natural alternative, which will help you produce more testosterone (at around 200%) because of its vitamin D content.

Turn to zinc-based dietary supplements that will help you produce sperm and boost your libido. It is a very popular solution in older men, allowing to find a better erection and more frequent sexual intercourse. You will also find zinc naturally in animal proteins such as chicken, beef, or even seafood.

Finally, some exercises will strengthen the muscles of your sex . You can do them every morning in the shower to find better erections. These pelvic exercises (also known as Kegel exercises) will improve your blood circulation without the use of chemicals and expose you to possible side effects. They are of course to integrate with a healthier quality of life to be fully effective.