If you suffer from sexual impotence or erectile dysfunction, you can quickly lose confidence in yourself and find it difficult to regain a fulfilling sex life. Fortunately, there are more and more treatments to address and overcome this bad past. If you want to regain greater endurance during the act, and keep a strong erection longer, you can turn to sexual stimulants more or less effective, which will act quickly and sustainably as Male Extra do.

Male Extra is one of those treatments for erectile dysfunction or for those who suffers from soft erection . I wanted to test its effectiveness and present you in this article what I thought of the results obtained. Also find out which dosage to follow, and how to buy Male Extra at the best price.Promo of the moment

It is possible at the moment to benefit from 60% discount on the Male Extra website available at the link below. In addition, you benefit from the Money Back guarantee for 60 days .

For immediate effects, go to the promotional page dedicated to the offer.


It is possible at the moment to benefit from 60% discount on the Male Extra website available at the link below. In addition, you benefit from the Money Back guarantee for 60 days .

For immediate effects, go to the promotional page dedicated to the offer by clicking on the button below.

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Who is Male Extra for?

Male Extra is for men with erection problems. There are more and more treatments to address the problems of impotence, but not all are as effective as they claim, and a large majority of them present risks of side effects. The other advantage of Male Extra is that it has the ability to enlarge your penis, all in the form of a dietary supplement.

Should I test Male Extra?

Male Extra helps to solve the following sexual problems:

  • a loss of libido ;
  • an erection too weak or too short;
  • sexual stamina problems;
  • lack of manliness
  • poor performance in bed
  • a small sex, even in erection;


What do we find in his composition?

Male Extra is composed of active agents known for their effects on erection problems, but also on male libido. Examples include ellagic acid extract (which is naturally present in pomegranate), L-arginine and Methyl Sulfonyl methane, tongkat ali, Muira Puama, epimedium sagittatum, Omega-3, Maca and Cordyceps.

Nitric oxide helps widen your blood vessels , which will help to better irrigate your penis and facilitate erection. In fact, the more blood circulates in your genital organ, the more it will harden and expand once in erection. This oxide is produced by your body through pomegranate and L-arginine, making it two excellent sexual stimulants, acting on both the symptoms and the causes of male impotence. Male Extra is also one of the first treatments to have highlighted the positive effects of pomegranate on erection.


What effects can you expect?

Specifically, Male Extra will have three positive effects on your libido and your sexual power. It will allow you to have a longer penis and a stronger erection, which impotent men are looking for treatment of this type. But unlike conventional treatments that only work when you’re excited and sexually stimulated, Male Extra will also boost your sex drive . If you have frequent urge to make love (because of stress or other psychological factors, Male Extra is the treatment you need) Finally, improving your blood circulation, it directly fights the physiological causes that can be at the origin of your sexual troubles.

This natural solution is all the more popular because it allows to naturally treat a disorder that many men experience , without being able to talk about it with their partner, or even a health professional. Impotence is still subject to misunderstanding, mockery and remains taboo in our society. Being available without a prescription from online pharmacy, its purchase is both simplified and discreet, allowing you to avoid the social pressures that you can feel in your surroundings.

In addition to improving the quality, power and duration of your erections (which will allow you to make love more often, but also longer, and therefore to fully satisfy your partner while finding a fulfilling sex life), taking Male Extra for the long term (between 3 to 6 months) will help you lengthen your penis by several inches when erect. A good way to regain confidence in yourself, if the size of your sex is complex source. By acting on your libido, you will also have more fun and will more easily reach multiple orgasms.


What is the dosage to follow?

Even if Male Extra is included in the category of dietary supplements, not drugs (which explains why you can buy it without a prescription), it is important to follow the dosage indicated by the manufacturer. It is advisable to take 3 capsules (containing 1500 mg of active ingredients each) per day . You can take it at any time of the day, but prefer meal times to avoid forgetting.

As for the duration of the treatment, it will depend on your initial state, but also on the results that you wish to obtain. If you want to gain in penis centimeters, it is better to follow a longer course, between 3 to 6 months. The product is 100% natural, it will not pose a risk to your health and will allow the ingredients to work. Once you reach this goal, you can stop the treatment while maintaining optimal energy and sexual performance.

Potential side effects

The natural composition of Male Extra explains that its purchase can be done without a medical prescription and that it has almost no side effects or contraindications. So you can take it safely, knowing that it will not have a negative impact on your health. You will find for example no artificial product or sedative that could harm you.


How much does Male Extra cost and where to buy it?

You will not be able to buy Male Extra in a pharmacy. To avoid scams and counterfeits, I advise you to turn to the official website of the manufacturer . It’s also a good way to benefit from promotional offers and the money back guarantee I mentioned earlier. Payment is also fully secure, and you can pay by credit card or PayPal (for more privacy). Your order will be shipped within 48 hours, in a completely neutral package to, once again, to respect your privacy.

Male Extra Reviews: How to gain penis size inches?

At this moment, the site offers an exceptional promotion: for 3 months of treatment, you will benefit from an additional free month (a total of 154 euros instead of 324 euros). Benefit as this offer is topical, because Male Extra is not supported by Social Security and you will have to assume the cost alone. However, with a 2 month money back guarantee, you do not really take a risk. And given the effects observed and the absence of health risks, it is a very good investment, which will allow you to find a fulfilling sexuality.


Conclusion: should I buy Male Extra?

I strongly advise Male Extra, which really helps to find satisfactory sexual performance. In our opinion Male Extra is even one of the best. Take advantage of the offers offered on the site and the money back guarantee that will allow you to enjoy at far more affordable rates and without taking any financial risk! You will find your libido, a much stronger and lasting erection, and will even be able to gain extra penis centimeters.


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