The stress and anxiety too often characterize our lifestyle. This can lead to generalized malaise. Thus, modern man often lacks vitality and his sex life is directly affected . Indeed, many sexual disorders such as premature ejaculation , a libido at half mast or erection problems are due to the bad way of life. To remedy this, you can help your body by improving your daily life. Playing sports and eating healthy is one of the most obvious recommendations. However in general this is not enough and the body needs a little extra boost . If you are a proponent of natural aids,Maca offers everything you need.


Maca, its use is millenary


Fortifying food grown in the mountains

Maca is a very special plant and this from all angles. For starters, its habitat is incredibly hostile and makes it difficult for vegetation to settle there. It grows to more than 4000 meters of altitude , on the arid plateaus of the Cordillera of the Andes , at the level of Peru in South America. Up there, the wind is constantly blowing and the land is dry because rains are rare. It is more than 30 ° C during the day and less than 5 ° C at night. You do not have to be an expert in botany to realize that this is really not the best place for a plant! But the most impressive is that it’s not just a sturdy grass that has adapted to extreme conditions.Maca is an edible plant , close to crucifers such as turnip, radish or cabbage. The indegenes are the first to cultivate Maca. It also takes its name from Quechua – the most widely spoken language among the indigenous people of the Andes –

Maca literally means: MA for “fortifying food” and CA for “grown in the mountains”.

Approved by Quechuas, Incas and Spaniards

The remains of the use of Maca date back to 1600 BC . Indeed, archaeologists have found objects suggesting that Maca was cultivated by the first inhabitants of the Andes Cordillera: the Quechuas. As a reminder, the Incas began to spread in Peru, southern Ecuador and northern Argentina from the 13th century.

The Quechuas survived in the extreme Andean conditions for almost 3000 years, thanks to the consumption of Maca!

During the reign of the Inca Empire, Maca was already consumed for its aphrodisiac properties ( see our list of the best aphrodisiacs for men ). But it was also attributed the power to increase fertility . Moreover, when the Spaniards landed around 1533 they also used Maca. They fed the hair and the cattle with the tuber. And they noted an increase in their resistance, but above all a significant increase in the fertility of the animals.


Maca, its health benefits


A “superfood”

Maca contains about 15% protein . It is also very rich in minerals : potassium, calcium, phosphorus, zinc or magnesium … It is a real gold mine in essential minerals. Maca also contains vitamins belonging to group B, such as vitamins B1, B2 and B12, as well as vitamin C. Maca contains 19 amino acids , among them arganin in particular .

Arganin is an amino acid that promotes the production of serotonin which itself improves libido.

The plant is a remarkable superfood thanks to the concentration and diversity of its essential nutrients composition. Indeed, because of its nutritional specificity, you can consume a small amount and obtain visible benefits.


An adaptogenic plant

Maca offers many therapeutic virtues. Some have been demonstrated and others are discussed and discussed at the scientific level. However, everyone agrees on one fact: consuming Maca significantly improves overall health . This is why we say that Maca is an adaptogenic plant . Indeed, the plant acts on the whole organism, it fills the deficiencies and diminishes the excesses: it is a regulator. This would explain the multiple virtues observed.


The benefits of a stimulant

Maca is also known as Ginseng Peru because its stimulating qualities are comparable to those of Ginseng or Ginger. Indeed its composition rich in proteins as well as vitamins gives it several energizing virtues:

  • Maca strengthens the immune system and prevents disease
  • She fights anemia , chronic fatigue
  • Stimulates vitality , strength and is recommended in case of convalescence
  • Promotes good general health

→ Consumption of Peruvian Ginseng is therefore highly recommended as a dietary supplement. It will allow you to keep good health .


Multiple and varied virtues

maca powder benefits

The therapeutic use of Maca is ancestral . From the Quechuas until its recent use in Western society. Through centuries and continents, Maca is increasingly used and recognized. Because of this, his knowledge is greater and today it is used to treat a wide variety of ailments .

→ Its high mineral composition also gives it therapeutic virtues at the bone level . Its consumption helps to reduce joint pain and to fight most bone diseases such as osteoporosis.

→ It is also widely used to reduce the troublesome symptoms of menopause : vaginal dryness, flushing, dry skin, etc.

→ The maca is also recognized to help in case of infertility problem . A group of scientists conducted a study on mice to observe the fertility power conferred on Maca for thousands of years. The framework of this study is questionable, especially in terms of the number of mice examined. However, the mice that consumed Maca reproduced 3 times more than the others!


Maca, the Peruvian viagra


A plant against impotence

If you have problems with impotence and you are interested in natural solutions like natural viagra, this funny tuber is perhaps for you. In Peru, his consumption is largely due to his virtue to fight against impotence . Indeed, as we said above, Maca contains an amino acid called Arganine . This amino acid helps improve blood circulation and vasodilatation. Remember that the erection is directly caused by the dilation of the vessels that allow the cavernous body of the penis to fill with blood and thus to be erect. In addition Maca contains vitamin C. It helps to preserve and improve the elasticity of the vessels, so that they can dilate properly.


Maca helps delay ejaculation

It is common to suffer from premature ejaculation30% of men suffer and 80% would still like to prolong their erection . Often the bad way of life is the cause. Indeed, as we have already seen, a stressful lifestyle negatively influences sexual activity. Maca acts as an energizer: it helps to vitalize the whole body. It brings a feeling of well-being. When your nervous system is functioning properly, it is free of stress and anxiety . It secretes a hormone called pleasure hormone: serotonin . High levels of serotonin have been shown to help maintain an erection for longer .


A powerful aphrodisiac

And yes, it’s not all about having an erection and being able to prolong your erection. Still need to want! On this side, the Peruvian Viagra is not left out. Its consumption increases the libido . How? It’s simple, it makes you feel good. Yes, thanks to the energy contributions that promote the secretion of the pleasure hormone, it is also your sexual desire that is benefited. In addition to its benefits on the nervous system, Maca also contains Arganin. This amino acid is responsible for the secretion of serotonin . And know that you have everything to gain consume as a couple. Its effects on libido are positive in humans, as in women .

→ Definitely, it is not for nothing that it is called the Peruvian viagra.

How to consume Maca?

Whether it is for its energizing virtues or for these aphrodisiac fame, consuming Maca can only benefit you. Moreover, it is very easy to integrate it into your diet because you have several options:

  • You can eat it  in powder form . Like the Quechuas, you can use Maca flour and prepare cakes, biscuits or even bread.
  • If you’re not hooked on cooking, you can incorporate this powder into your juices. 
  • To get the most out of these virtues, you can also consume the fresh tuber directly . In this case, you will cook the tuber as a type of potato. The recipes are not lacking.
  • For an even simpler integration, know that Maca is also packaged in capsules .

→ In general, a Maca cure lasts about three weeks . After this period, it is recommended to take a break of about a week.