Low libido is still a taboo subject for both men and women. It is rarely related to a particular physical condition, and more often to do with psychological factors that can decrease your sexual desire or make your carnal relationships more difficult. In this article, we present the causes of this loss of desire as well as the best ways to overcome a libido disorder. We do not discuss in detail in this article the subject of pills that increase libido. However, know that Viasil which we present our test here , increases its energy, which has a direct effect on the libido.


Low libido: taboo problem for men

Talking about low libido in men is still a taboo and many believe that a man should always want to sleep with his partner. It is therefore more difficult for them to admit a loss of sexual desire, and therefore to act to find a libido, and therefore a sex life more fulfilled. Be careful also not to confuse them with a mechanical problem, such as impotence or premature ejaculation, which are not necessarily related to the excitement, and therefore to the desire to make love.

However, the male libido knows important fluctuations (it is for example well known that the men get tired more quickly of their sexual partner) and it is thus entirely possible for a man to suffer a decrease of desire.


When do we talk about a decline in sexual desire in a man

You do not necessarily suffer from a low libido simply because you do less love. You will talk about trouble if you know a pronounced and lasting change in your sexual desire, despite repeated efforts to overcome them.

So you can have a libidinal drop by continuing to have sex.

This will result in a change in your usual pace and a certain indifference to meet your needs and a lack of interest, see some reluctance to satisfy them. This lack of desire must be persistent and may even result in a complete disappearance of your desire. Without treatment, it will eventually result in mechanical problems such as erectile dysfunction.


What are the most effective solutions to increase male libido

It may be important for you to regain a healthier libido, since a decline in desire may be interpreted by your partner as lack of feeling, or even rejection. To solve this problem as quickly and efficiently as possible, it is important to understand the cause, and to address it before your couple suffers.


To increase the size of his penis

The size of your penis should not count, since it is in no way responsible for the pleasure that you can provide your partner, but it is nonetheless that it can complex you and thus negatively impact your libido, for fear of being laughed at or not satisfied with your girlfriend. It will then be logical that you do not want to show it and question your virility, spacing more and more the frequency of your reports.

You can gain centimeters by performing pelvic exercises or taking medication or dietary supplements (such as MemberXXL which is particularly effective or Male Extra ). Some devices (such as penis pumps or pelvic extenders ) can also lengthen and widen your sex. However be careful to inquire, see a professional because all are unreliable.

Food supplements are certainly the safest and most effective method  (some have been tested on a wide range of men). The extensors will also allow you to gain up to 2 cm at rest (and a little less erect) but must be worn several hours a day for four months. Pumps are less advisable because it is a temporary solution, which can not be used regularly at the risk of bursting the veins of your penis.


To treat impotence

You may also experience a drop in desire due to erection problems. It’s hard to know if these are caused by your lack of libido or otherwise explains your troubles, repeated sexual breakdowns that can have the same deterrent effect as a small penis.

Does sexual impotence have an effect on libido?

Fortunately, there are many sexual stimulants ( such as Viagra , Cialis or Levitra ) that will allow you to find a strong and lasting erection (provided it is sexually stimulated). Active in 30 to 60 minutes, they can act up to 36 hours, and allow you to find a sex life more fulfilled, and therefore a normal libido.

However, know that these stimulants require a medical consultation to validate that they are appropriate for you. That’s why I invite you to turn to natural solutions available without prescriptions like the one I tested here .

You can also use injections in your penis to boost your testosterone levels or turn to natural capsules (such as Vimax) that will dramatically improve your sexual performance. Again, talk to your doctor (some products are strongly contraindicated if you take other drugs) and do not neglect to consult a sex therapist, male impotence is most often caused by psychological problems. (such as anxiety or lack of self-confidence).


To treat andropause

Andropause consists of a drop in your hormonal production (a little like the female menopause) and can occur around the age of 45, resulting in a decrease in libido, but also erectile dysfunction. There are fortunately many solutions to fight against this hormonal decrease including growth hormones in the form of dietary supplements (such as Provacyl, for example, which has the advantage of being natural and therefore have fewer side effects ), oral or injectable treatments and gel and patch that will allow you to administer testosterone in a timely or sustainable manner.


Low libido in women

Women can also suffer from low libido and many experience significant fluctuations throughout their sex lives. These may have different origins, ranging from couple problems to hormonal declines at the time of pregnancy or menopause.

The female sexual appetite is also very sensitive to her psychological state , and can therefore experience a significant decline following exposure to stress or strong anxiety related to a factor that may be outside the couple (and therefore have no link , near or far, to a disappearance of feelings towards his partner).

However, we will talk about a low libido for a woman if the decline of desire is deep and long and if it ends up tending to a total absence of sexual desire. If you do not want to make love after a long day of work, your libido is not in question, but it is if this state is prolonged and does not seem to change, despite your efforts and those of your partner.


Errors to avoid

Even if it’s hard to confess to a low libido (for fear of offending your partner or being considered a frigid woman), the worst thing to do is to wallow in the silence and act as if nothing had happened. (continuing to have sex without feeling any sexual desire).

Forcing you eventually will push you to develop a feeling of guilt or animosity more or less pronounced towards your partner. Turn to a professional if you can not talk with him, and find the cause of your trouble in order to find a suitable solution.


Solutions to regain his female sexual desire

Finding your libido sometimes goes through simple changes in your sex life and an open dialogue with your partner. In some cases, medical treatment will be necessary.


Get out of the routine to overcome low libido

It’s hard to find the desire to make love with your partner when you are in a routine that is professional, social and intimate. Sex is not always a priority, and if it’s too repetitive, it will get bored. As a result, you no longer have a desire for the other, or even really want to have sex.

Breaking the routine by changing the frame is a good solution. A romantic weekend and a hotel room can help you regain your libido , if only by moving away from any source of stress. Do not force yourself and start with sensual contacts, which will not necessarily lead to a cost, but will help you get closer to your partner.

Also consider spicing up your practices by testing new lingerie sets, sextoys, erotic films, or scenarios that will get you out of your sexual train. You can also turn to aphrodisiacs, which can be effective if your libido disorder is not too pronounced. Think also vitamin supplements that will give you energy and tone to make love.


To change contraception can overcome low libido

Your contraception can have a negative impact on your libido. The pill and the IUD, for example, can disrupt your endocrine system and thus permanently reduce your sexual desire (as is the case for 40% of women taking a contraceptive method).

Why change contraception to regain your libido?

If it stops your ovulation, it can prevent your estrogen production and therefore cause sudden changes in your libido and even alter the sexual pleasure you feel during the act or cause vaginal dryness. With the IUD, the problem may be psychosomatic because of your awareness of this device in your vagina and a possible fear of hurting yourself while you are having sex.

The best solution is to change the method and switch to a local or hormonal contraception that will be richer in estrogen. Condoms also remain a very effective form of contraception.


Find your libido during and after pregnancy

Your libido may also decrease as a result of your pregnancy, your body secreting its hormones differently and thus playing with your sexual desire. The fear of hurting the child or triggering a miscarriage should also be taken into account. Ditto if you give the breast, since you will secrete prolactin, known to inhibit libido.

The only solution that exists in this case is to accept this fluctuation against which you can do nothing and to maintain the desire. Take a hard look at the times when you will not “head for it” and enjoy those times when your vagina will be hypersensitive and where you should experience a peak of desire (usually during the second half). Talk to your partner and set up sexual games that will keep the flame going, waiting for its natural effects on your libido to go away on their own.


Find your libido during menopause

Menopause can also affect your libido by drastically lowering your hormone levels and causing vaginal dryness and a loss of confidence in you. The first solution is letting go (accepting the changes that your body knows, but also your psyche). There are also treatments to circumvent these fluctuations by starting taking aphrodisiac food supplements or using lubricating gels.

How to explain a libido disorder and remedy it?

You can also look for hormonal treatments to replace the changes caused by menopause, such as Livial or Vesicare (after consulting your doctor, of course).


Fight against vaginal dryness to avoid low libido

Finally, your low libido can be explained by a vaginal dryness, which can make your relationship painful, and therefore push you to reduce the frequency. The latter may be caused by your method of contraception, or intimate care too aggressive. In this case it will be advisable to change the contraceptive, turn to softer intimate products (at neutral pH) and use a lubricating gel to find a better lubricated mucosa that will make the penetration pleasant and will not cause ejaculation early in your partner (because of too much friction).