Originally, this technique was practiced by the Taoism monks of ancient China for spiritual purposes, but also to improve their longevity as well as their health. In the 1940s, Dr. Arnold Kegel brought the exercise up to date by proposing a more Western version of the practice. The Kegel exercise is often known to women who are often offered this technique during childbirth .

Indeed, Kegel’s exercise is essentially aimed at toning and fortifying the pelvic floor. In men, Kegel exercise is often practiced to improve the quality of erection . In a previous article, we saw that penis massage could help lengthen its size. Let’s see now if the Kegel exercise in its men’s version improves the duration and the control of the erection .

Kegel exercise to improve sex life

Kegel exercise, all his benefits!

man kegel exercises

As I told you, Kegel’s exercise aims to tone the pelvic floor . More specifically, its action is concentrated around the pubococcygeal muscle . We grant you, its scientific name is a little barbaric, but remember it because it is precisely this muscle that controls your erections. Indeed, as you can see in the image opposite, its position is strategic .

The principle of Kegel exercise is therefore simple: strengthen the muscles that control the erection to improve the sex life in general . In addition to its benefits on the sexual organs, Kegel exercise also helps prevent prostate cancer and urinary incontinence.

Greater control of ejaculation

Most often, Kegel exercise is practiced by the man who suffers from premature ejaculation . Premature ejaculation occurs less than a minute after the penis has erected. On the other hand, the diagnosis of premature ejaculator highlights a systematically impossible control . Ejaculation is triggered by contraction of the perineal muscles. In other words, the pubococcygeal muscle. It is therefore logical that the exercise Kegel is particularly suitable for the man who suffers from premature ejaculation.

Muscle your perineal muscles

After a few weeks of practice, you will feel that your pubococcygeal muscle is firmer, and you will be able to control it more easily. You will know that Kegel exercise is effective when you can move your penis easily when erect. Once you have reached this stage, you will be able to practice other complementary exercises, in order to last longer in erection without ejaculating. Indeed, it is not enough to have a toned muscle, yet it is necessary to know how to use it!

Learn to master them

Indeed, to be able to control your erection it is essential that you recognize your point of no return . The point of no return is when your excitement is at its peak . This is the moment when your perineal muscles relax. Learn to identify this moment by masturbating yourself will help you control ejaculation. When you reach the point of no return, you usually feel:

  • tension at the base of the penis
  • the stirrings
  • stiffness of the body
  • The accelerating heart rate

If you want to combine Kegel exercise with other remedies for premature ejaculation, you can read the article dedicated to this subject : Premature ejaculation: disorders, causes and possible solutions .

More frequent and harder erections

Kegel exercise for higher quality erections

The erection is triggered by  sexual desire  which in turn triggers  an increase in blood flow to the penis . The increase of the amount of blood in the penis causes its  recovery  and the increase of its  volume . In other words, the erection depends on  the blood circulation  in your genital area.

Improve your vasodilatation

Although impotence or difficulty in bandaging is often a symptom of excessive stress , vascular causes are also at the top of the list of suspects. In addition to a health problem such as diabetes or high blood pressure, it can simply be an insufficient vasodilatation of the pelvic area. Although natural vasodilators exist, this is not always enough.

In the latter case, Kegel exercise can help restore the flow of blood to the penis and thus facilitate erections. Indeed, when you stimulate a muscle – in this case, the pubococcygian muscle – you also stimulate the blood supply since it needs to produce the effort required.

Strengthen your erections

Sometimes impotence is directly related to a lack of tone in the pelvic muscles. This is why impotence is often associated with old age . Indeed, past a certain age, the body deteriorates and the muscles, if they are not exercised, lose their tone . But do not worry, it’s not irremediable . The muscles can regain their strength if they are made to work. Kegel’s exercise is therefore perfectly adapted to the case of impotence due to a lack of muscle tone. Depending on the degree of helplessness, it will take you more or less time. However be patient and do not force too much at the beginning. Indeed a tear on an already weakened muscle could considerably delay the healing process.

Increase the size of the penis

Kegel to lengthen the penis

Although the size of the penis depends on its structure, vasodilation is also an influencing factor. Again, the influx of blood into the penis is therefore the main culprit. As we told you, when you work a muscle, you increase its blood supply. And who says more blood, says, penis more swollen and bigger . By practicing Kegel, you will increase the blood flow to the pubococcygeal muscle. You will first see stronger erections . In the long run, you will also find that your penis is longer, bigger.

If you want to increase the effectiveness of the Kegel exercise for men, I advise you to combine this practice with the Jelqing . Indeed, the Jelqing helps to improve blood circulation at the level of the penis. In other words, by combining these two exercises, you will:

  1. Increase the blood flow to the pelvic floor
  2. Promote the blood supply in the tissues of your penis
  3. Lengthen the size of your penis

Improves libido with Kegel exercise

You may be wondering what is the relationship between a healthy pelvic floor and your sexual desire . Libido is the instinctive pursuit of pleasure, usually obtained during sex. So how does Kegel’s exercise awaken your sexual instinct?

The explanation is rather psychic . In many cases, libido is at half-life when sexuality is associated with a problem , complex, or conflict. The feeling of frustration is aggravated when the individual feels that the situation has no solution or improvement . During the practice of Kegel’s exercise, even before observing the first results, your psychic records an evolution, a change. Often this is the trigger needed to overcome a blockage. At the hormonal level, this trigger can trigger the production of Sérotonine , hormone queen of the libido.

Kegel improves libido

When your body releases Serotonin, the influx of blood to your penis increases causing erection. An easy erection , made stronger and controllable through the exercise of Kegel. In short, you will have understood, it is a virtuous cycle which is put in place little by little.

Kegel’s exercise, how to do it?

Whatever the cause that brings you to the practice of Kegel’s exercise, the technique used is the same and you will work anyway on all fronts at the same time. Before starting, I remind you that this exercise should be done with care . The duration as well as the intensity of the sessions must be progressive, never force and stop the exercise in case of discomfort .

Kegel exercise: Spot the pelvic floor muscles

As you already know, Kegel’s men’s exercise focuses on toning the pelvic floor muscles. Before starting the exercise, it is important to make sure you know where to locate them.

Location of the pubococcygeus muscle

This muscle is located between the testicles and the anus . During urination, try to restrain the flow of urine. the muscle you feel is contracting the pubococcygeal muscle. If you can not stop your urine, it’s because your muscle is not developed enough and Kegel’s exercise is really welcome! You can, however, locate the muscle in another way. During the erection, try to move your penis . In addition, if you are attentive, you will also feel the muscle bend at the time of ejaculation.

Do not forget the muscles of the base of the penis

perineal muscles

When we talk about Kegel exercise, we often forget to mention the muscles around the base of the penis . This is a mistake because the toning of his muscles is just as important as that of the pubococcygeus muscle.

Indeed, as you can see in the diagram opposite, his muscles serve to support the erect penis, especially for a strong erection . It is therefore these two muscles in particular that will carry the blood to the top of the penis. To spot them, place your fingers at the base of your erect penis. Try to move your penis. You should feel his muscles contract under your fingers. Alternatively, you can also place a hand at the base of your sex during the excitement . You will feel the muscles contract during the erection of the penis.

Use the heat

As you know now, vasodilatation is one of the keys to solving all erection problems . You must be aware that the heat has the property of dilating the blood vessels. So, I recommend warming up the pelvic area before a Kegel exercise session for men. For this, you can practice the exercise in a shower or in a hot bath . Otherwise, apply a hot towel a few minutes before starting. The heat will allow to dilate your vessels and thus promote blood flow during the session.

Practice in erection

The Kegel exercise for men is practiced with the erect penis . To reach this state, you can of course stimulate your penis directly. However, I recommend you take the opportunity to prepare the area by applying a targeted massage . As a warm up, you can massage between your hands your pubis by performing movements from top to bottom . Also massage the outline of your testicles , going from the end of the anus to the base of your penis. These massages will help promote blood irrigation and prepare the area to receive exercise.

Kegel exercise for men is particularly difficult to practice at first because you must be erect as long as possible. That is to say that you must remember the ejaculation . For this, it will surely be necessary to practice several times before your sessions can last. Do not worry, it’s perfectly normal. In addition, remember that the sessions must be conducted in a progressive manner to avoid any injury.

Contract – breathe – release

Now that you are ready, let’s move on. They are relatively simple and look like any bodybuilding exercises. The goal is to strengthen your muscle, but also to tone it , there are two types of movements that you can achieve.

  • To strengthen the pelvic floor muscles : You will have to contract, stay in contraction for a few seconds then relax. The goal here is to try to hold as long as possible with the contracted muscles.
  • To tone up : On the contrary, do not try to hold on to the muscles you are contacting. Just make a contraction, relax quite quickly and several times in a row.

For your Kegel exercise for men to be complete , you will of course combine both movements. For this I advise you to do: 10 sets of toning for 3 sets of fortification . Start by doing this combination three times, then increase. During the exercise, do not forget to focus your attention on the muscles that you have located beforehand. Also, do not forget to breathe deeply and try to relax. Only working muscles should be in tension, be careful for example not to contract the gluteal muscles . If you feel the excitement is rising, pause and resume.

End the Kegel exercise with a massage

After your session, I recommend you finish the Kegel exercise for a man with a small massage. In fact the massage that I propose is more like a stretch . To be done correctly, you will have to wait until the excitement goes down a little. Indeed the stretching is carried out on a penis in semi-erection.

Once your penis is less hard, grasp it at the base of your penis. Shoot it lightly – without exaggerating – about 3 times in a row. Stretching goes on the one hand to allow the whole area to relax, but also to gain a few more centimeters. The practice of stretching can cause micro- tears that by welding again will increase the size of your penis.