A small dip , this can happen to everyone. Sometimes this results in erectile dysfunction: impotence , soft erection or involuntary erection . Other times it is the level of ejaculation that performance is affected and we can observe a drooling ejaculation or a lack of sperm. For every problem there is an adequate solution . In this article we will look at the problem related to the lack of sperm production. You will see that with a few small adjustments, you can increase the volume of sperm in just a few weeks.

Increase the volume of sperm

Sperm, what is it made of?

As you certainly know, sperm form in the testicles. On the other hand, seminal fluid is produced in the prostate and seminal glands. When the penis is erect, the seminal fluid and the spermatozoa mix and stay in the urethra while waiting for ejaculation. Sperm is a mixture of several substances, however it is the seminal fluid that is found in greater quantity, up to 65%. Spermatozoa represent only 1% of the total volume.

  1. The seminal fluid contains all the nutrients needed to maintain the spermatozoa. It includes fructose, proteins and minerals. Like all body fluids, it is made from water.
  2. Spermatozoa, although they represent only a small percentage are still numerous: about 15 million per milliliter .


What influences the amount of sperm produced?

The main actor of sperm production is testosterone .

To put it simply, the more testosterone you have, the more sperm you produce.

While it is natural to see your testosterone levels decline with age , many factors can also influence your production. Like any hormone, testosterone is indeed very prone to your lifestyle . If you notice a significant drop in the amount of sperm you are ejaculating, then you can have your testosterone measured by a lab. In some cases it will be necessary to consult a doctor to rule out any disease. However, as we will see, there are simple ways to increase sperm volume by regulating testosterone production.

Testosterone levels influence the amount of sperm

As we saw in the previous paragraph, sperm also contains a lot of water . You will understand why the first advice I give you to increase the volume of semen is hydration . Indeed, to produce sperm, the body draws in the liquids you ingest. Do not underestimate this tip because often it is possible to increase the volume of sperm simply by drinking the recommended 1.5 liters of water per day .

Under normal conditions, ejaculated semen volume varies between 1.5 ml and 4.5 ml . This quantity decreases if the ejaculations are close together. Indeed the renewal of sperm is several hours. So, the last factor that influences the amount of sperm is the regularity of ejaculations . So We will sleep and already give you my second tip to increase the volume of sperm: try not to ejaculate every day. You will see, after 3 days of abstinence , the amount of sperm should be higher.


Increase the volum of sperm: how to regulate testosterone production?

As we told you, the production of testosterone will depend on your lifestyle. So if you want to increase the volume of sperm, you will have to change some habits! Of course, this involves the practice of a regular sports activity. But the main factor of sperm quality is your eating habits. As a reward for your efforts, not only will you produce more sperm but you can also say goodbye to erectile dysfunction , low libido , and ejaculation problems.


Watch your diet to increase the volume of sperm

We guess you’re guessing, one of the habits you’ll have to change to increase sperm volume is your diet. But do not worry, there is no question of adopting a draconian diet low calorie either. Just follow the basic advice of any dietitian: avoid fatty, salty and sugary foods . We are sure there are plenty of foods in this category that come to mind: snacks, pastries, crackers, cold cuts … Not to mention their equivalent in drinks: sodas and alcohol. In short, eat healthy.

On the other hand, if you are overweight, we advise you in this case to direct you to a professional nutritionist. In this way you will be able to set up a suitable diet and lose weight quickly. Obesity and excess weight are two factors that cause the drop in sperm production.


Choose foods that promote sperm production

In addition to taking a few simple dietary habits, you may prefer certain foods that stimulate testosterone production. To increase the volume of semen effectively, integrate to the maximum:

  • Foods rich in antioxidants : fruits such as oranges, lemon and grapefruit. Side drink, green tea is excellent.

  • Eat zinc : oysters are especially recommended, but you’ll also find them in beef and chicken.

  • Make sure you consume enough vitamin B9 source foods like cereals and vegetables. Otherwise you can supplement your diet with folic acid.
  • Do not forget to get enough vitamin D . You will find it in dairy products. In addition, you can expose yourself to the sun to promote its absorption.

  • Eat garlic to improve your blood circulation, very important in genitals that are full of blood vessels.

garlic increases testosterone

In addition, there are 3 amino acids that are essential and participate in the manufacture of testosterone. Among them, we find:

  1. L-Carnitine present in red meat and milk,
  2. L-Arginine that you will find in nuts, seeds and eggs
  3. L-Lysine found in dairy products.

Finally, you can also increase the volume of sperm by consuming aphrodisiac foods . There are also many natural Viagra recipes based on these foods. The most common are ginger, which you can consume in tea, peppers that you can incorporate into your dishes and watermelon.


Help yourself with a dietary supplement to produce more sperm

If you’re not a fan of disrupting your eating habits, or if you want results quickly, there’s the dietary supplement solution! Made from natural ingredients , some of them have all the nutrients you need to increase your sperm volume. There are several, but we chose to talk to you about one of them in particular, this is Viasil .

  1. Improve the quality of the erection : it is stronger and longer. Viasil contains ingredients that improve blood circulation and promote vasodilation, which determines the quality of the erection.

  1. Stimulate sexual desire and libido through foods known for their powerful aphrodisiac powers like Ginkgo Biloba and Ginseng.

  1. Increase the volume of sperm by stimulating the production of serotonin, a hormone that stimulates the production of testosterone and therefore sperm.

In short, you will understand, Viasil is a concentrate of all the foods you need to improve your sex life and increase the volume of sperm produced.


Increase sperm production: some tips to consider

If you follow these tips on your eating habits, you will certainly increase the volume of sperm. However, before you leave, here are some last tips. These are details , but they are sometimes the cause of a small sperm production.

  • Avoid heat : if you enjoy taking long boiling baths, try the lukewarm shower for a while. Indeed, the testicles are outside the body because the spermatozoa need freshness. Avoid cooking!

  • Wear shorts : it may seem stupid, but your testicles do not like to be compressed or lack of oxygen. So prefer underpants to briefs. Moreover, if you are a fan of tight pants like slim, try to vary and wear loose clothing from time to time.

  • Monitor your sodium intake : salt is the main cause of water retention. Water is the main ingredient of your sperm. So, to increase the volume of sperm one avoids too much salt and one stays away from the biscuits aperitif. And alcohol that goes with …

  • If you are a smoker, try to reduce your smoking . Easier to say than done, however, nicotine does not help your penis at all!

  • Remember the first two tips I gave you at the beginning of the article: drink water and stop ejaculating for a few days.