The use of the penis pump to treat male ailments dates back to 1830. At that time, doctors used it to treat erectile dysfunctions such as impotence and premature ejaculation. But they quickly realized that this was not the only interest of the small mechanism! Indeed, the patients also observed a visibly larger penis .

Finally, it was in 1912 that the first penis pump appeared on the market. We owe it to a German doctor but today, the specialist in penile pump is English: it is Bathmate . This manufacturer quickly made a name for itself with its first model, which has the particularity of operating, not with air, but with water ! If you would like to know a little more about this supplier, I invite you to consult our complete file on Bathmate . You will find in particular the presentation of each model.

On the occasion of this notice, we will focus on a particular Bathmate product, the Hydromax penis pump. It is the most popular model of the brand, with more than a million copies sold worldwide! Let’s find out immediately the reasons for such success.The exclusive advantages of Bathmate

92% of men who have tried the Bathmate Hydromax penile pump have observed concrete results from the first weeks of use:

  • A visibly larger penis .
  • Erections harder , more long and easier to obtain.

Why not you ? 

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Introducing the world’s best-selling penis pump.


As we said, Bathmate is currently the specialist of the penile pump. Its success is due to its very first model, the Hercules pump, offered in 2006. At that time, it was a world exclusive: the very first hydraulic penis pump . 

Since then, the brand has developed its product and today the Hercules pump has been replaced by the Hydromax series . It works in exactly the same way and offers the same spectacular results. The difference lies rather in the quality of the materials used as well as some design details which aim to improve the comfort of use.

As you can see, there are 4 models of Hydromax pumps. Your choice will depend on your measurements , in terms of length and girth. If you are not sure of your measurements, do not hesitate to consult our article: method and advice to measure your penis correctly . Anyway, whatever model you choose, know that you will observe the same results since it is the same product. However, the price varies from one pump to another. Count between 109 € and 149 € .

A price that may seem high at first glance, but which is largely offset by its many advantages :

  • The Hydromax pump is made from quality materials. It is guaranteed for 2 years .
  • It exerts optimal pressure thanks to its hydraulic mechanism.
  • If you don’t see results after 2 months, the manufacturer will refund your purchase.
  • Finally, remember that this is a unique , long-term investment .



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Hydromax Bathmate review: what gains and results can we get?


The use of a penile pump is more and more widespread. This is certainly because its effects are particularly versatile. The penis pump, when it is of good quality, helps to fight against the majority of erectile dysfunctions and causes an increase in the size of the penis. The Hydromax Bathmate penis pump is a product that has satisfied 92% of men who have tried it. They have indeed observed concrete results:

  • Better quality erections . The penis rises faster, at the slightest excitement, and is very hard. If you are impotent this penile pump can help you. And unlike Viagra, it is a non-invasive method, with no harmful effects on your health.

  • Sex lasts longer and the sensations experienced during coitus are more intense. If you have premature ejaculation, again, this product can help, and may be more than just a pill.

  • The penis is larger , as if inflated. It is therefore longer, but also wider.

  • The libido is exacerbated : you want to make love, your self-confidence increases over time.

In short, the Hydromax penis pump from Bathmate is in our opinion the solution of choice! It will indeed solve the vast majority of your erectile ailments with, as a bonus, several centimeters of gains!


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The Hydromax pump: how to use it and what its effects on the penis?


As you will have understood, the Hydromax penis pump by Bathmate is aimed at those who wish to enlarge their penis as well as those who suffer from erectile dysfunction. And all this without taking any chemicals . In short, it is the miracle solution that many men expected. In reality, it is not really a miracle. But simply an excellent application of the suction mechanism .

As you probably know, the size and functioning of your penis depends mainly on one factor. The quality of your penile blood circulation . And yes ! It is only if your penis is properly irrigated that you can have beautiful erections. This is also what partly determines the size of your penis. To deepen this subject, I invite you to consult our complete file on the mechanism of the penis . For now, we will limit ourselves to simply saying that sucking causes an increase in blood flow . Hence the efficiency of the penile pump, which causes the vacuum of air and therefore a significant suction effect.

bathmate review

As you know, the Hydromax pump is a bit special, it works indeed with a hydraulic system. But that does not complicate its use, since it is enough to fill it with water before introducing your penis into the corresponding cylinder. Which suggests use in the shower or better, in a bath. On this subject, I read on several forums some precautions of use like for example:

  • Shave the pubis so that the pump can adhere properly and exert optimal pressure.

  • Possibility to buy a strap if you plan to use your Hydromax pump in the shower.

  • Control the pressure exerted at the risk of seeing some redness appear.

In addition, the manufacturer recommends daily use, with sessions that do not exceed 15 minutes . And to maximize the effects of the Hydromax pump, use lukewarm water and do not hesitate to combine its use with some penis massages .



Testimonials from men who have tried the Bathmate Hydromax pump.


In order to offer you a full opinion on the Hydromax penis pump from Bathmate, here are some experiences compiled on the web. You will also find Dan’s testimony on the official Bathmate page. This user has tested this penis pump for 2 months and tells you about his experience, explicit videos to support it.

Thank you Bathmate !! I finally found confidence in myself! Now I have no more problems making love with my girlfriend. I also have a bigger penis, it was not necessarily what I was looking for at the beginning, but nobody refuses a few more centimeters! 

(David, 25)

I have been using it every other day for 1 month and I must say that I saw the results faster than I thought. I gained 3 cm long and my penis is swollen. On the erection side, I didn’t really see the difference, but I never had a problem on that side. 

(Franck, 45 years old)

At first I struggled a bit to understand how the pump works. In fact, you have to shave the pubis, it sticks better. And fill the pump completely with water. But once I figured out how to use it I couldn’t do without it. I love the feeling of pressure on my penis. And he must love too because he is bigger! 

(Bernard, 52 years old)



Hydromax review: our opinion about this Bathmate hydraulic pump.



Our opinion on the Bathmate Hydromax pump is coming to an end and it is time to take stock. As you will understand, we recommend this product without any problems. When it comes to penis pumps, Bathmate is the best . This is felt at the price level, but remember that your order comes with several advantages , such as the 2-year warranty, or the refund policy if you never observe the expected results.

Remember that 92% of men who have tried it say that their penis is visibly bigger and that their erections last longer. So there is no reason why this product should not work on you! If you want to deepen the subject, I invite you to consult our comparison of the best penis pump . 



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