You are about to arrive at your ends. Things are getting hotter with the girl you’ve been courting for weeks and she finally agrees to follow you to your house for the night. You undress each other, foreplay is explosive. And you only wait for one thing, to be able to penetrate it. Unfortunately, your penis, which until then was hard as rock, loses its beauty. And your erection is not as strong as you hoped. How to maintain an erection?

If this kind of scenario seems all too familiar, you’re in good hands.

In an ideal world, you will get 100% of the time to have a strong erection. In short, to hard-on enough and long to satisfy your partner. At least to make love to her as you planned to do. But your sex is a capricious organ . And just a small pebble (whether of psychological or physical origin) to derail the machine to disrupt your plans. Do not let an erection problem ruin your life!

In reality, it is useless to dramatize. Erection problems are quite common in men (regardless of age). And above all, it’s far from inevitable. There are many solutions (natural or medical like Viagra, after medical consultation) to help you have a strong erection. And many small changes you can make in your day to regain control over your sexual performance. In particular, Viasil is a 100% natural alternative to Viagra that does not require any prescription.

Lack of testosterone is also very often the cause of erectile problems. Testo Ultra has been designed to reboost men’s testosterone in the long run.

No need to be afraid to take control of your problem or worse to be ashamed of it.


Understand how an erection works

Before looking at how to have (and keep) a strong erection, you need to understand how your penis works. In reality, an erection requires the quite complex combination of both mental and physical processes. Basically, everything begins with sexual stimulation. Whether psychological or real . Your erection will start in your brain, before triggering a physical reaction at the level of your sex.

How to have a long and hard erection?

When you are stimulated, and sexually excited, your brain will indeed release neurotransmitters. This is dopamine, which sends the chemical message to your sex and cause an influx of blood to its cavernous body. Your blood vessels will relax, and allow faster blood circulation. Normally, they are only partially open. Once you reach your penis, it will be stored in the cavernous body. Training the dilation and thus the erection of your penis.


And why can’t you keep an erection?

The opposite phenomenon occurs when you debunch. When the muscles of your sex contract (once the hormonal response sent by your brain is over), the blood flow will be stopped immediately. The blood vessels close again. Your penis is less irrigated, and so, it debunks .

Of course, it is a normal and necessary phenomenon after your sexual intercourse. But it can happen too early (preventing you from going to the end or causing premature ejaculation). Or intervene even before you have penetrated your partner. In the same way, an imbalance in the chemical substances (hormones) that will produce your body can prevent you from having a strong erection.

But your brain is also involved in this imbalance. Indeed, your strong erection is controlled by several areas of your brain , including the hypothalamus. But also the cerebral cortex and the limbic system. If your brain is not able to send stimulation messages to the erection centers of your spine (because you are alcoholic, stressed, or not sufficiently stimulated), you will not be able to have a strong erection. Now we will see how to maintain an erection.


What are the factors that allow to keep an erection?

You have understood, to keep an erection, your body, but also your mind must work optimally, and in concert. Many factors play a role in your ability to bandage. And the absence or any dissonance in this process can stop the machine.

Regarding the physical part of your erection, the most important factor for hard and long hard-on is to be in good physical shape . If you are in poor health, it will be difficult to send the blood needed to bandage your penis. Ditto if you have a little overweight.

But the mind also plays a very important role. That many men tend to underestimate. However, if you can have an erection perfectly in the morning or when you masturbate, and that once with your partner, your erection remains soft, it is inevitably that the problem comes from your brain.

Good communication and sexual alchemy within your couple is obviously necessary. But you must also be relaxed and safe enough to have a strong erection. Because adrenaline (secreted when you’re scared) is the most powerful kryptonite of your sexual performance.


Body and mind must work hand in hand

Only the body and mind can do nothing for your erection. It’s a tandem that has to work at the same time. If it is your nervous system that gives the hola, then your body (via your arteries, the cavernous body of your sex, etc.) will have to take over, and a simple snag on one side or the other. Another risk of endangering this perfect harmony and ruining your evening (and your confidence in yourself)!


Start by improving your lifestyle

It can never be said enough, your erection is an excellent indicator of your general health. If you have difficulty getting a strong erection, it is certainly that something is wrong in your body. It is also very common that testosterone failures cause erection problems. In this case, the use of Testo Ultra will remedy it quickly .

To have a better erection and knowing how to maintain an erection, it is therefore essential to take care of yourself. And so to adopt a healthier lifestyle.


Adapt your diet to keep an erection

If you have become accustomed to paying attention to what you eat to avoid certain diseases (especially cardiac), you are already on the right track. Because the same foods that can cause a stroke can be responsible for a soft erection or too short.

Eat balanced to have a better erection.

It is also important that you incorporate foods that promote blood flow to your penis. Like leafy vegetables (rich in nitrate), dark chocolate (which contains flavonoids). And zinc-rich foods like oysters or seafood.

Also stock up on antioxidants (found in fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, berries or watermelon). They reduce the risk of heart disease. And so of erectile dysfunction.


Avoid being overweight

Being overweight is usually bad for your health. And increases the risks of chronic illness like diabetes. But also your sexual health and the likelihood that you are experiencing erectile dysfunction. Because it will hinder your heart function and your blood circulation.


Maintain good blood pressure and avoid bad cholesterol

Blood pressure and cholesterol are two very important factors that will affect your strong erection. By blocking your arteries and damaging your blood circulation, they can mostly result in erectile dysfunction.


Watch out for the medicines you take

Many studies have highlighted the disastrous role that some medical treatments can have on your erection. This is particularly the case for those intended to treat high blood pressure. But also mental disorders such as antidepressants and anxiolytics.

Before putting an end to it, talk to your doctor who will help you find an alternative. And find a good libido and a strong erection.


Avoid alcohol and cigarettes

Studies have also shown that drinking alcohol excessively can prevent you from having a strong erection. This is concretely explained by the fact that alcohol will damage your nerve damage and unbalance your testosterone level.

Why is smoking powerless?

Ditto for the cigarette that is also harmful for your sexual performance. By increasing the risk of high blood pressure and heart problems, but also by blocking and damaging your blood vessels, it is a formidable enemy and an additional risk factor for erectile dysfunction.


How to maintain an erection: Beware of anabolic steroids

If you do bodybuilding, you may be tempted to take steroids that will help you gain physical strength and muscle mass. Unfortunately, in addition to being illegal, these products will reduce your testosterone levels. And increase the risk that you suffer from erectile dysfunction. Hello muscles: goodbye strong erection.


Medical treatments and dietary supplements

There are also medical treatments that will allow you to have a strong erection.

You will generally have the choice between over- the-counter solutions . Composed of natural active ingredients (such as fruit extract or l-arginine), these supplements are known to be effective in helping you bandage harder. But also longer. Some solutions like Viasil or Male Extra also have other very interesting virtues to boost your sexual performance. In particular by acting on your libido. And by allowing you (as part of a long-term cure), to enlarge the size of your penis.

The best-known sexual stimulants (such as Viagra, Cialis or Levitra) are only available on prescription from your doctor . You will have to take your courage with both hands and discuss with you your problems of erection. Be careful because they pose risks to your health and have several contraindications (in case of heart problems and low blood pressure).

They will help you to bandage only if you are sexually stimulated . But are effective in over 90% of cases. Be careful though to need it. It is recommended to take only men who have difficulty getting a strong erection on a regular basis over a period of three months. Without this, you expose yourself to a medical dependency. And go off duty without a real reason of a considerable sum of money.

You will want to talk to a doctor before you start taking medications to help get stronger erections – but there are many prescription drug options that have been designed to help you. “In terms of conventional treatment for erectile dysfunction, drugs called PDE5 inhibitors are commonly prescribed,” says Dr. Ax. Sildenafil, tadalafil, vardenafil and avanafil are four PDE5 inhibitors that have been approved in the UK. ” 


How to maintain en erection: Natural solutions

Some men prefer to turn to the more natural solutions of our grandmothers as dietary supplements. Rich in ingredients known to boost your libido such as ginseng, maca or ginkgo biloba, they can achieve a strong erection and thus improve your sexual performance. It is best to talk to your doctor first, but they are generally safe for your health. And do not require a prescription.

Natural methods to have a hard-on

Certain essential oils such as sandalwood, clove or ylang-yang also have aphrodisiac properties. Mixed with water or rubbed in your abdomen or legs, they can help you to have a harder and longer erection.


What you need to remember to know how to keep an erection?

As we have seen in this article, a strong erection depends on both mental and physical mechanisms. If there are many natural ways to have a harder and longer erection (by controlling your diet, or playing sports), it is also important to heal your mind.

Having confidence in yourself and in your relationship is also essential to having a fulfilling sex life . In 20% of cases (especially if you have trouble banding during the act), the problem will be psychological. It will then be advisable to talk to a sexologist. Or to follow a couple therapy.

In any case, an erectile problem or difficulty in having a strong erection is by no means fatal. It’s up to you to find the cause and take the problem head on. In addition, natural stimulants like Viasil can solve your problem easily.

Now, you know how to maintain an erection!