In men (and women), it is not uncommon to see a drop in libido . This results in a lack of desire, envy, soft erections, even erectile problems. But in some cases, this drop in diet can also be seen in semen, present in smaller quantities. Its quality can also be affected. But fortunately, simple tips to put in place exist to find sperm more important and abundant. So how to increase sperm count ? Here are all our tips!


Lack of sperm: what is the cause?

If you notice a drop in the amount of sperm during your ejaculations, it is important to determine the cause . In general, this decline is due to bad habits that limit sperm production, but in some cases this may be due to illness .

If you find that you have less sperm, do not hesitate to talk to your doctor . It will help you to establish the cause of this problem and will give you the best solution according to your situation. Indeed, depending on the cause, the solutions to remedy it differ; it is therefore important to talk to a professional.

how to have more sperm

To note: in the continuation of this article, we give you all our advices to have more sperm if you are in good health.

How to increase sperm count: adopt a good diet

If you are in good health and wonder How to increase sperm count, know that the first thing to adopt is a balanced diet . Indeed, there is a link between the food and the amount of sperm; the choice of your food should not be random.

Every day, it is important to prepare three balanced meals and at the level of nutrients, the proteins must be in the spotlight (lean meat, fish …) and the fats set aside. So limit your consumption of fatty foods and prefer vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables (the more vitamins and nutrients you eat, the more sperm you will have).

Once a day, it is also recommended to eat dairy products (milk, yogurts, cheeses) which, thanks to their richness in vitamin D will guarantee you a good erection.

A good diet is essential when you want to increase the volume of sperm. But it is also important to ban all bad habits (consumption of alcohol, tobacco …), because they affect the quality and quantity of sperm.


How to increase sperm count: the foods to favor and those to avoid

As indicated, for sperm in larger quantities and better quality, your diet must be balanced. To help you see things more clearly, here’s a list of what’s allowed and what to avoid .


Foods that increase sperm volume

  • Foods with a high zinc content: red meat, oysters, turkey, nuts …
  • Foods that promote folic acid (or vitamin B9): asparagus, broccoli, beets …
  • Foods containing L-arginine and L-cartinine: chicken, spinach, tuna, egg …
  • Spices and garlic.

For fruits, those to be preferred are:

  • Almonds: they promote the production of testosterone and improve the quality and quantity of semen.
  • Watermelon: rich in animated acids, it plays almost the same role as viagra.
  • Bananas: they act on desire.


Drinks that promote the amount of sperm

If diet plays a major role in the volume of semen, drinks are equally important.

The one to favor is water . In addition to being good for health, water is also good for sperm! On the other hand, it is better to choose filtered and not bottled water.


Foods to avoid

Not all foods are good for increasing the amount of sperm. Some foods are also bad for your testosterone that will tend to go down, but also for your general shape.

Among those to avoid, you can find:

  • Desserts containing white sugar.
  • The white flour contained in bread, pasta and some cakes.
  • The already prepared dishes.
  • Vegetable oils like palm oil.
  • Sweeteners, food colors, artificial fructose and additives are also to be limited.

As for drinks, it is advisable to limit your consumption of soda and coffee. Alcohol is also to be avoided if you want to increase your semen volume.


How to increase sperm count: be relaxed and say goodbye to stress!

Stress is bad for your health and your sperm! It is therefore important to relax and relax ! For that, try to sleep well, at least 7 hours a night and if you are really anxious, take herbal teas or make massages. This will only relax you!

Also, if you feel well and balanced, your body will secrete more testosterone, which in turn will give more sperm and cause better ejaculation. So, How to increase sperm count? Be relaxed, simply!


How to increase your sperm volume: practice sport

Sport is good for your health! But practicing physical activity also helps promote blood circulation and produce more sperm. So do not hesitate to play sports regularly, but without doing too much, because sudden sports and demanding energy will tend to lower your testosterone and therefore your sperm count.

So practice sport regularly, but not every day.


The shorts to have more sperm

This may seem surprising, but to increase the volume of sperm, it is best to wear underpants . Why ? Simply because a pair of underpants is wider than a slip. The underwear “lets breathe” the testicles and sex; a point that allows the air to circulate better and the temperature to stay at a proper level. All this contributes to the production of sperm.


Increase sperm volume with dietary supplements

Today, there are many dietary supplements , but to increase the amount of sperm, it is advisable to turn to supplements based on zinc, carnitine or vitamin E. But before choosing and take any dietary supplement, it is important to consult your doctor so that he gives you his opinion and his agreement.


How to increase sperm count: other effective tips

To help you in your “fight”, here are other effective tips that will help you to have more sperm and better ejaculations:

increase sperm volume

  • Limit your intake of foods high in sodium . Because of the salt, you retain some liquid. Thus, the amount of water available to your body decreases and this also affects the sperm.
  • If you smoke, reduce your smoking because it promotes water retention and has a negative effect on the quality and quantity of sperm.
  • If you are overweight, try to lose a few pounds by eating a balanced and healthy diet because overweight affects fertility.
  • Take plants like Maca, known for their ability to increase the volume of sperm at the time of ejaculations.

If you are in good health and are looking to increase your sperm volume during your ejaculations, try to put these tips in place. These can only be beneficial for your sperm! But before putting them in place, do not forget to consult your doctor so that he determines the real cause of your problem and that he makes sure that your disorder does not come from an illness.