When it comes to the penis, men tend to worry quickly . We don’t blame them. By dint of repeating that the male sex is the ultimate symbol of power, one could expect that the penis would become a source of complexes . Many men are worried about their sexual performance, but also about the shape of their penis. Some are even convinced of having a deformed penis.

But you will see that the ideal penis does not exist. There are also as many different rods as men. As Pierre Perret says, I would tell you everything about the dick …

Misshapen sex

Deformed sex: the 7 types of penis.


Before even talking about size, let’s see the shape ! An American gynecologist looked into this a few years ago. He had 4 types of penis. And then more recently, a British expert re-opened the file. According to him, there would rather be 7 different types of penis. Do you think you have a misshapen sex? I bet you will find the category to which you belong!


1. Cucumber.


You will see, the names given to the types of penis are all pretty colorful . Like this one by the way. Men who belong to this category have a sex whose size and circumference are slightly above average (lucky men). They are thick, uniform sexes: that is, the base is almost as wide as the tip. It is certainly the penis that many men would like to have, its measurements are rather advantageous at the time of coitus.


2. The sausage.


If the cucumber penis is according to most men the ideal type of penis, then the sausage is the most common . It has the same characteristics as the cucumber penis: it is uniform and rather stocky. However, it is not longer than the average. It is a standard penis . Men who fall into this category generally have a fulfilling sex life , although some would like to have a longer sex! One thing is sure, we are the opposite of misshapen sex.


3. The hammer.


Some also call it the mushroom . You will understand, it is a sex with a thin body and a rather large glans. There are different degrees, in some cases the difference between the base of the penis and the glans varies enormously . To the point where erection is made difficult: the base is too thin to be able to support the weight of the glans. However, this is a fairly rare misshapen sex case . Most cases of hammer penis do not cause any discomfort in terms of sex life. Men who fall into this category should just take care to gently penetrate their partner.


4. The banana.


As I told you, the names of the penis types have been carefully chosen. The banana-shaped penis is, as you can imagine: curved . Contrary to what those in this category tend to think, the twisted penis affects between 10 to 20% of men . This curvature is generally not annoying during the sexual act. On the contrary, the banana penis stimulates areas that the other penises do not reach. A deformed penis rather advantageous the banana penis, don’t you think?

Misshapen sex

Most of the time, it is simply a genetic inheritance , without any gravity. However, if the curvature appeared spontaneously and progresses worsening, it is better to consult a doctor, it may be Lapeyronie’s disease . In this case, the curvature can reach 90 degrees …


5. The cone.


The cone-shaped penis concerns few men. It is a narrowing from the base to the glans. In extreme cases, the tip of the penis does not exceed that of a pencil lead and prevents the glans from expanding. This deformed sex can therefore be problematic during the sexual act.

Very often, the subject presents a phimosis . It is a strip of skin that forms around the glans in uncircumcised people. In childhood, phimosis is normal and common, it tends to disappear over time. However, in some cases, the skin does not resorb and the glans remains caught under the skin. Men who wish to can go to the doctor and request a circumcision in order to remove the foreskin. There are also local treatments, such as steroid creams .


6. The pepper.


The bell-shaped penis is unusually short and thick . Like a pepper finally. However, this deformed sex does not prevent having normal sex, penetration will simply have to be done gently . The woman has many erogenous zones within 5 cm of the entrance to the vagina, not to mention all the external sensitive points. Nothing prevents the pepper penis from enjoying fulfilled sexuality.


7. The pencil.


The pencil-shaped penis is the antithesis of the pepper penis: long and thin. Its circumference remains uniform , from the base of the penis to the glans, which is generally round. Men in this category generally have no sexual problems. If the circumference is not to their advantage, they can however venture into countries still unexplored for many men.



Deformed sex: a question of size?


As you can see, the penis doesn’t just have one shape . Moreover, it is certain that the number of categories increases over the surveys. But when a man talks about misshapen sex, he sometimes refers to the size of his penis. Besides, it is estimated that 45% of men are not satisfied with the size of their penis. Some even develop what is called: locker room syndrome .

Is misshapen sex small?

In any case, faced with this massive concern, scientists have endeavored to calculate the average size of a penis . It would oscillate between 12.5 cm and 15.5 cm . If your member size worries you, make sure you measure it correctly, we have written a detailed article on the subject that you will find here and thus measure your penis .

There are also many men who are convinced that they have deformed sex because they think they have a micro-penis . However, this feature only affects 3% of the male population . Gentlemen, to be diagnosed with a micro-penis, your penis must measure less than 8 cm in erection.



How to have a penis of normal shape and size?


Many studies have shown that women do not discriminate according to the size or the shape of the penis. But the complexes are well established and this is generally not enough to reassure men. Although there is no normal shape or size, these complexes can cause discomfort and hinder sex life. This is why you should not hesitate to consult a specialist , in order to discuss it with a competent person.

Also, be aware that there are certain devices that help straighten or even lengthen the penis. We have also written an article that covers all of these solutions, you will find the best penis extender solutions .