Clove is the button of the clove tree, reputed to be a powerfull natural aphrodisiac, a tree that grows mainly in Indonesia. But also in Africa, Southeast Asia and Madagascar. Before being marketed, the cloves are picked before they hatch. Then dry in the sunlight, which gives them the appearance of a small piece of wood.

Cloves can be used in the kitchen. But also in the form of essential oil, which is particularly popular in aromatherapy. In this article, we present you one of these most unknown benefits. Indeed, in addition to facilitating digestion or effectively fighting pain, clove is a very powerful natural aphrodisiac .


What are the benefits of clove?

Clove has more than one trick in its bag. Indeed, containing an active ingredient called methyl salicylate, this spice has been recognized for many years for its analgesic properties. Indeed, in case of dental pain, it has been proven that chewing a clove would calm your teeth. And avoid the formation of dental cavity. It is also a good natural way to have better breath.

Regularly consuming cloves in your drinks (such as coffee or tea), you will be full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories . Which makes it an all-out solution for fighting skin problems, such as acne.

What is the dosage to follow with aphrodisiac clove?

Clove is also a very good antifungal. It will help you to repel the attacks of bacteria, especially in your lungs. It is also an effective agent for fighting malaria.

But clove is also a powerful natural aphrodisiac . By boosting your libido, it will help you have better erections . Mainly because it boosts your physical and muscular strength (I remind you that your penis is not a muscle ). But also because it stimulates your production of testosterone, the hormone that influences your desire and your sexual performance.


And its aphrodisiac virtues

Indeed, clove has been used for many years to fight against erectile dysfunction. If the inhabitants of the regions where it is cultivated know about the power for a long time, it was necessary to wait until research is carried out on the subject to prove its effect on your sexual performances.

A study conducted in the early 2000s in India has indeed highlighted its properties on your libido. Clove taking 30 to 40 mg per kilogram would boost the subjects’ libido. And improve their sexual performance by making them hard and longer. Know that there are other natural ingredients that promote erection and that some have been very effective for me .

The clove would also allow to have a new erection more quickly (by decreasing the refractory period). It will help you to have more reports over a shorter period of time.


How to use clove as a natural aphrodisiac?

To benefit from its aphrodisiac properties, it is still necessary to know how to use the clove. Indeed, it can be harmful for your liver, if you take it too regularly, or at too large doses.

If you use it as an essential oil, you can incorporate it into your dishes . However respecting a specific dosage (a drop). And by doing it systematically once your preparation is cooked. Indeed, do not cook this essential oil.

You can also associate it with a drink, like a green tea, for example. For an even more effective result, it is also quite possible to associate it with ginger, or cinnamon. Also known for their aphrodisiac properties.

You can also massage your clove oil on your sex. Be careful, however, never to do it with pure essential oil. Because it is dangerous for your skin and can cause allergic reactions. Dilute it in another oil before massaging your sex, but also your spine and solar plexus.


How to prepare a natural aphrodisiac infusion

Preparing yourself a natural aphrodisiac herbal tea is a lot easier than you might think. For this, you can use natural cloves. You can grind them before you prepare them in your tea, at the rate of one tablespoon for a cup of herbal tea. If you have a shredder, this is obviously the most effective solution. But you can still be satisfied with a mortar. Do it however just before preparing your brew. Indeed, fresh, the clove will keep its properties and the powder is not likely to evaporate.

Clove aphrodisiac: how to use it to boost its effectiveness?

Pour your nails into boiling water and let infuse for at least half an hour . Then use a very fine sieve to collect as much as possible once your herbal tea has been infused. You can eat it hot or cold (with a little honey for a sweet taste more pleasant).

Do not go over a cup of natural aphrodisiac herbal tea a day . And take it preferably half an hour before your sexual intercourse.


Clove aphrodisiac: what are the precautions to take?

Be careful though to take some precautions with clove. Indeed, its impact on your testosterone levels can turn against you. Especially if you take too much doses. This may have a toxic impact on your testicles, and decrease your production of this hormone. Be careful not to exceed 60 mg / kg, to avoid sexual degeneration and a decrease in your sperm production. If your testosterone levels decrease or are low, know that there are some very effective boosters like Testo Ultra .

It is also not recommended to use Clove Essential Oil if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Same if you are under 12 years old.

It should also be remembered that used on the skin, the clove oil must be diluted to avoid its impact dermocaustic. Also begin to test its effect on a small piece of skin, before moving to a massage more consequent.

Do not use it in your bath, or inhaling it. And avoid clove oil (even if it is very aphrodisiac) if you have tension or liver problems.

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