Erectile dysfunction is becoming more and more common. Whether it is psychological or physical causes, there are solutions to restore a strong and lasting erection. Until a few weeks ago, none of them promised a lasting result without drugs or food supplements. Today, we have the privilege of presenting you with a brand new treatment for erectile dysfunction.
This treatment takes the form of a video training of 60 minutes in which all the factors necessary to restore an erection, even in the most extreme cases of erectile dysfunction, are presented to you with a practical demonstration by a renowned pornographic actor and producer: Jean-Marie Corda.


A treatment for erectile dysfunction presented by a world leader in sex


Everyone could sell you a “miracle formation” to get your erection back, we have already been approached to sell you some of them. We have of course always refused, as these training courses were given in front of the camera without any practical explanation and sometimes proved to be dangerous and ineffective.

We have chosen to trust Jean-Marie Corda for several reasons.



A leading pornographic producer and actor


Jean-Marie Corda is only 34 years old and has made tremendous progress in the porn industry in just ten years.
But he came back from afar, only 10 years ago, he started with a job as a “orgy driver” in clubs, and experienced his first humiliation: an erection problem during his first performance that humiliated him and made him a bad reputation in the industry.
It was then that he began to study in depth the sexual mechanisms and how to become the best in his domain.

He quickly established himself in several pornographic movies and then started working on his own, developing several websites and concluding agreements with many Eastern European hotel chains.

Once he reached the top 10 of the most followed and watched pornographic actors in the world and 2nd at the French level (Behind Manuel Ferrara) he decided to achieve a new goal: to become the greatest sex coach in the world.

He then created several training courses to improve his sexual performances, including one to obtain a strong erection.
Today, and in less than 3 years, 60,000 of its training courses have been sold on the French-speaking market. All have been positively criticized.
Since 2019, he has been offering training in English to help hundreds of thousands of people regain a fulfilling sex life.



The best treatment for erectile dysfunction


Treating his erectile dysfunction through the training of Jean-Marie Corda is the best solution we have found so far.
In addition to a very good pedagogy, you will find practical demonstrations that will guide you step by step to treat your erectile dysfunction.


What is the content of the training?



The method of training with the penis pump


The penis pump is in the form of a tube into which the man inserts his penis. In this treatment for erectile dysfunction, you will discover how to use it to permanently improve erectile dysfunction.


PC muscle training


The PC muscle is located behind the testicles and is a muscle that is of vital importance in the erection mechanism. In this treatment against erectile dysfunction, you will learn to strengthen it, and in a progressive way, in order to avoid injuries and to maintain a strong erection for a long time.
You will also know how to work it optimally in order to strengthen it as much as possible.



The practice of conscious masturbation: A quasi-unreported technique revealed in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.


Conscious masturbation is a technique to integrate the psychological factor into the process of treating erectile dysfunction. Thanks to Jean-Marie Corda’s practical explanations, you will know how to use your psyche and take mental control of your erection. Conscious masturbation will allow you to obtain total control of your penis thanks to the exercises practiced by Jean-Marie Corda and which have been used in several hundred movies.


The shower ritual


Here you will discover Jean Marie Corda’s special ritual to improve his erection through his shower ritual. Although it seems basic, this part is one of the most important parts of the training and comes from the results of experiments carried out directly by Jean-Marie Corda.

sexual ritual

What are the results of this treatment for erectile dysfunction?


+15% erection


Your penis being strengthened, your erection will be bigger, and you will get 15% extra length of your penis.


An erection harder, easier and faster


The control of your erection will be total, you will be able to get an erection much harder than the average, without forcing and in a few seconds only.



A more stable erection


Having a good erection is one thing, but keeping it is even more important. With this treatment against erection problems, you will be able to get a lasting erection whatever the circumstances.



Better genital sensitivity


Through the different exercises to practice, the sensitivity of your penis will be increased. So your pleasure will only increase tenfold.

How to last longer in bed: Techniques to restrain ejaculation

How can I be convinced of the quality of treatment offered
in this training?


The best way to get an idea of ​​the quality of this training is to go to the pornographic channel of Jean-Marie Corda. This free channel will give you an insight into the qualities of Jean-Marie Corda’s Sex Coach.

Of course the free content addresses only the most basic
points and can not be compared to this treatment against erection problems.

Note also that most of these videos are in French (with English subtitles) unlike this English training.


Discover the training