Do you suffer from male impotence or have difficulty maintaining your erection or being sexually stimulated? Gradually, you begin to lose confidence in yourself and space more and more your intercourse? Contrary to what one might think, erectile dysfunction is more common in men, even the youngest. Here is the best sexual stimulant:

Whether the causes are physical (diabetes, poor blood circulation, lack of energy) or psychological (anxiety of performance, stress, lack of self-confidence), erection problems can seriously endanger your relationship, and prevent you to have a fulfilling sex life and a good orgasm.

However, there are solutions (medicated and natural) to overcome this problem. If we all know the famous little blue pill (Viagra), there are many sexual stimulants that will allow you to have an erection more easily. And especially longer. With or without a doctor’s prescription, a sexual stimulant will not solve the root cause of your impotence, but will allow you to regain your self-confidence.

In this complete comparison, we present the 5 best sexual stimulants currently available on the market. By going back precisely on their composition, mode of action, dosage and mode of purchase. But first of all, let’s take a look at the usefulness of these solutions, and our criteria for comparison.


1. The best sexual stimulant: Viagra

Viagra is certainly the most popular sexual stimulant (marketed since the late 90s), but also the most effective . Composed of sildenafil, it works in 30 to 40 minutes, and can allow you to have a strong erection for 3 to 5 hours.

The erection is facilitated by improving blood circulation, and more specifically by relaxing your blood vessels. This will bring more blood to the penis. And so to have a harder erection, but also longer. The result: more satisfying sex, and greater self-confidence in bed.

Treat male impotence with a sexual stimulant.

Available only on prescription from your doctor (although you can get a prescription to buy viagra directly online on a pharmacy like Treated), you will have the choice between 25, 50 and 100 mg tablets. The choice of concentration of your pill will be based on your weight, other treatments you take and your health. The strongest can go up to 100 mg for a lasting erection.

Since Viagra is not the fastest sexual stimulant, do not overeat and hydrate yourself to boost its effectiveness. And do not forget that it is necessary to be stimulated sexually (massage, pornographic films) for it to take effect.


2. Cialis: the weekend pill (36 hours effectiveness)

Cialis is a very good sexual stimulant, playing on two levels. The speed of action (it acts in less than 30 minutes, and can be taken continuously, for a constant efficiency). But also the duration of action, since his little nickname is the pill of the weekend (the Cialis can be effective for 36 hours). Be careful, this does not mean that you will have a hard erection during this period of time without stopping. But rather that you will be able to maintain a firm and reliable erection (allowing a vaginal penetration) during all this duration, every time you will be stimulated sexually.

Cialis works thanks to an active ingredient (Tadalafil) that stimulates blood circulation in your body. And so to flush the blood to the cavernous body of your penis. A natural phenomenon essential to have a robust erection. And durable. It will force your body to send the blood “in the right place” and keep it in the spongy parts of your sex for as long as possible.

It is therefore an interesting solution for men with erection problems. And that will allow you to regain your sexual desire.

Available only on prescription in certain countries , your doctor’s advice will be needed to help you choose your concentration. You can choose between 2.5 or 20 mg. Again, the difference will be on your weight and your overall health. Effective in over 80% of cases, it remains quite expensive (count 95 euros for a box of 8 tablets). Also beware of the contraindications of this sexual stimulant. In particular, it is not recommended for people with severe cardiovascular problems.


3. Levitra: the easiest sexual stimulant to tolerate

Developed by the German laboratory Bayer, Levitra is certainly the least concentrated sexual stimulant, and therefore the most tolerable on the market. It will therefore be particularly recommended for men whose potential medical history, or the current general health does not allow to take stronger solutions such as Viagra or Cialis.

What is the best sexual stimulant to have a firm and long lasting erection

Effective in 25 to 60 minutes , Levitra can help you maintain an erection for nearly 8 to 12 hours (thanks to its active ingredient, Vardenafil). And therefore greatly boost your sexual performance. You can choose between a dose of 5, 10 or 20 mg, in the form of a pill to melt under the mouth. This makes it a very discreet sexual stimulant for more spontaneous sex.

Like all sexual stimulants that we have presented in this comparison, Levitra is only effective if you are sexually stimulated. And it is also important not to eat too much , and to drink well for optimum action. Available only on prescription, Levitra is a risk if you take a citrus juice too acidic, although it has much less potential side effects than other oral treatments.


4. Male Extra: the natural libido booster

Male Extra is a natural and over-the-counter alternative to oral treatments such as Viagra or Cialis. Developed by an English lab, it not only improves male sexual performance (including endurance). But also boost the libido and enlarge the penis by a few inches.

Made from natural products (including products known for their powerful aphrodisiac effect), Male Extra is more a dietary supplement than a medical treatment. It helps to improve your excitement, to increase your desire, and to obtain a larger penis size to regain your self-confidence.

male extra

Tested medically , it has been proven that it allows to have sex more often, and therefore to satisfy his partner. In addition, its 100% natural composition helps limit side effects and makes it a perfect alternative to men who do not tolerate oral treatments such as Cialis.

Available on the website of its manufacturer and in online pharmacies, you will still be able to enjoy many benefits (such as a money back guarantee), discounts and free shipping. Easy to use, and effective on both erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation problems, you will not have to take it just before your intercourse, but at a rate of two tablets a day daily.

For best results, it is advisable to follow a course of 2 to 3 months . The first effects will be felt after only a few weeks. If not, you can still be reimbursed by returning your bottle to the manufacturer.


5. Male Perf: the new kid

If you are looking for a biological and natural solution to have a hard-on easily and quickly, but also stimulate the development of your sex and gain a few centimeters, you can also take Male Perf . It is more of a dietary supplement.

In addition to facilitating your erections (and therefore effectively fight against male impotence), Male Extra boosts your libido (thanks to its natural aphrodisiac ingredients). And enlarge your sex, to impress and satisfy your partner. A real boost for your manhood.

Made from Muira Puaam, Tribulus Terrestris, Arginine, Ginseng, Cinnamon and Ginger, all these elements provide effective action, and guarantee minimal side effects. Through the merchant site, and in addition to economic benefits (discounts, free shipping, money back guarantee), you can benefit from personalized coaching for better results. You will also find a bottle of 60 capsules for 33 euros, which will hold you for a month.


What is the use of a sexual stimulant?

Sexual stimulants are treatments (oral or local, with or without a prescription) that allow men to improve their sexual performance. They actually help them to have an erection, and sometimes treat even the problems of premature ejaculation. However, to be effective, they require a very clear dosage. But also to be sexually stimulated.

How to increase libido with natural products?

Indeed, a sexual stimulant can only act if your brain sends the message to your sex hormones to bring blood to the cavernous body of the penis. Without external stimulation, this message can not leave. And you will not be able to have a strong erection. Its effectiveness is very specific to improve the dilation of your blood vessels, which will facilitate erection, and will spice up your sex life.


Effective treatment, but that can be dangerous

Be careful, however, because taking a sexual stimulant is not trivial. The ingredients it contains, starting with the active ingredient that facilitates erection, can have side effects on the body . This is the case for oral treatments. And that explains why some of the stimulants we will present to you are available only on prescription.

However, with real results (supported by different clinical trials where the performance of the men tested is compared to that of the subjects who took placebo), it is an effective solution that will allow you to overcome your impotence. But also increase the libido.

Nevertheless, if your erectile dysfunction stems from a serious medical condition (heart disease, diabetes, vascular disorder). Or of a real psychological problem (stress, depression, conflicts within the couple), it is necessary, in the long term, to address this cause in parallel.


Comparative elements of each sexual stimulant

To offer you a serious comparison, we first established the most important criteria before buying a sexual stimulant. Here are the ones we selected.


The composition

To be effective, a sexual stimulant must primarily contain an active substance that will trigger an erection more effectively. The concentration of this active ingredient is also very important. However, depending on your tolerance, it may sometimes be more interesting to turn to a less concentrated solution. In this case, consider Levitra, which is much easier to tolerate than Viagra. Hence the interest of offering more or less concentrated tablets.



Dosage is also something to consider. Some sexual stimulants will be effective more or less quickly (this is called latency), which will allow you to have more spontaneous reports. Levitra, for example, is the fastest to act (less than 30 minutes).

In this regard, you can also prefer a solution like Male Extra or Male Perf, which are taken in the long term and not just several minutes before entering your partner. Or Cialis, which can also be taken daily.


The duration of the action of the sexual stimulant

By inhibiting your enzymes, sexual stimulants can control the flow of blood to the penis. A different dosage will allow them to act more or less long. On this point, the champion remains the Cialis, which can allow you to maintain your erection during almost 36 hours). For Levitra and Cialis, you will have to “satisfy” by 5 hours.


The level of tolerance

The less concentrated a sexual stimulant, the easier it will be to tolerate. This will not be a problem for some men, but if you react badly after taking your treatment, it will rather turn to Levitra (less concentrated) or natural stimulants (such as Male Perf or Male Extra). Also be careful not to drink alcohol or too acidic drinks (like grapefruit juice) with your stimulant. It is also advisable to eat light, and drink plenty of water.



If the popularity of a treatment is not everything, the reputation of the laboratory that develops is a good indicator of its effectiveness. Marketed for more than 30 years, Viagra enjoys a good reputation. Ditto for Cialis and Levitra, on which many scientific studies have been conducted. And proving that they are effective on nearly 90% of men.