Erection pills are more and more popular solutions to help men with sexual impotence. Whether caused by a physical or psychological disorder, erectile dysfunction can indeed be treated, in the short term, by taking a sexual stimulant (the best known being viagra) to facilitate erection and regain a life normal sexuality.

You’ll be spoiled for choice in drug treatments, but it’s not always easy to navigate. With or without a prescription, with effects more or less immediate and more or less durable, there are some questions to ask before choosing the erection pills that best fit your needs. After presenting the 3 most effective, we will also talk about the precautions to take, but also natural alternatives.


Top erection pills

Here we present you the 3 best erection pills. It all requires a medical prescription. Here is the ranking of the best pills for a good erection:

# 1 Viagra

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# 2 Cialis

Long lasting effect (up to 36h)Easy to take (1 tablet per day)Online order 24/24 and 24h delivery

# 3 Levitra

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Some precautions to take with erection pills

The erection pills we are going to present in this article will allow you to have a stronger and longer erection by promoting blood circulation to the cavernous body of your penis. Composed of active ingredients chemical, it is nevertheless necessary to understand that these treatments are not innocuous and present risks of side effects which can be particularly harmful for your health (heart troubles, of the sight or the hearing). They are more to avoid if you follow another medical treatment (especially if it contains nitrate, as to cure a problem of prostate or hypertension).

So be wary of sites that offer these sexual stimulants without a prescription , because the opinion of a health professional is necessary to understand the implications of this treatment for your health. But also your sexuality: these are temporary solutions that will allow you to regain your self-confidence. However, they will not solve the underlying problems (including psychological) that can explain your impotence, and can not be part of a cure too long without damage to your body.


Viagra, the best known erection pills

In terms of erection pills, the best known is unquestionably Viagra , developed by the Pfizer laboratory and very easy to recognize thanks to its blue pill. It enjoys a good press because of its longevity (Viagra has been marketed for almost 30 years) and the good results it can achieve: an erection that can last from 3 to 5 hours depending on the men and a action after only 30 to 60 minutes.

Why choose Viagra to regain an erection?

Viagra is a sildenafil compound that stimulates blood flow to your penis and therefore a longer, harder erection that will help you satisfy your partner. Depending on the advice your doctor gives you, you can follow a dosage of 25 to 100 mg: a variation that will be determined by your weight, state of health and possible other medical treatments. For faster efficiency, avoid overeating and acidic foods (like grapefruit juice, for example).

Remember that Viagra has the potential for notorious side effects and will only be effective if you are sexually stimulated. It acts on the effects of impotence, and does not in any way boost your libido or gain sex size.


Cialis: the solution to have a longer erection

Cialis is the equivalent of the best known Viagra , which has two main advantages:

  • ultra-fast efficiency, since you will usually only have to wait 20 minutes before having an erection;
  • a much more lasting effect: you can have an erection for 36 hours in a row while taking Cialis (which gives him his little nickname of the weekend pill).

Tadalafil compound, however, must follow a very strict dosage and wait more than 24 hours before taking a pill of Cialis to avoid health risks and optimize its effectiveness. If you are looking for a more sustainable solution, turn to Cialis Daily, less dosed (with tablets of 2.5 to 5 mg against 10 to 20 for the classic Cialis), but you can take daily for 2 to 3 months (always at the same time).

What is the best treatment for impotence?

As for Viagra, you will also need to be sexually stimulated and it is advisable to avoid overweight meals as well as alcohol and tobacco for optimum efficiency.


Levitra: the safest erection pill

Newer than its competitors, Levitra has been on the market since 2003 and is a great success because of its efficiency, but also its better compatibility (reducing the risk of side effects and other contraindications). After taking this sexual stimulant, you only have to wait 30 to 60 minutes to find a vigorous erection, which can last several hours (8 to 12 to be more precise).

You can choose between a low dosage (5 to 10 mg) that you can dissolve under your tongue without having to drink water, or a higher dose (20 grams) to limit to a single dose per day. Whatever dose you choose, however, you can be sure to satisfy your partner, limiting the risks to your health. Be careful though to avoid acidic foods, such as citrus juices.


Spedra: the fastest solution

Spedra is the last of the drugs on sale to treat male impotence, if and only if you are sexually stimulated (like all the erection pills present in this article). Specifically, the Spedra will promote the secretion of nitric oxide in your body to relax the muscle cells of your penis, promote the influx of blood to your penis that once it is filled, will be erect. An erection that can last up to 4 hours.

What pills to take for hard bending?

Scientific studies have even proven effective on men with erectile dysfunction and an organ response faster than Viagra, with maximum concentration after 15 to 40 minutes only (which will limit the duration of your introduction).

Be careful though to the contraindications before you buy Spedra , since this erection pill can lower your blood pressure. Avoid if you follow a treatment with nitrate (especially to treat angina pectoris). Side effects observed include migraines, flushing and congestion of your nasal passages. Decrease your dosage if you observe any of these tolerance issues.

Follow the manufacturer’s recommended dosages (50, 100 and 200 mg) depending on your weight and health status. Also avoid heavy meals and grapefruit juice or alcohol to not inhibit the effects of this sexual stimulant.


What are the other alternatives?

Before coming to take erection pills, know that there are natural solutions to avoid or treat your problems of impotence . Start by adopting a healthier lifestyle by getting rid of your cigarettes, which will shrink your blood vessels and prevent blood from flowing into your penis. Losing weight can also be a good solution since it will indirectly help lower your blood pressure, and therefore improve your blood circulation.

It is also advisable to stop the consumption of alcohol (or in any case to drink in moderation, not more than 2 glasses per day). More surprisingly, nasal decongestants are not your best friends if you have erection problems because they contain pseudoephedrine, which will prevent your blood vessels from relaxing. Other medicines may prevent you from having a solid erection, including anti-depressants (Prozac, for example) and beta-blockers. However, be sure to talk to your doctor before stopping medical treatment.

Easier to apply, you can skip the night reports to get you started. Better rested, you will also have a higher testosterone level and therefore less difficulty in having a good erection. Taking certain vitamins (in the form of food supplements available for sale without a medical prescription) will also help you to find a more fulfilling sexuality by acting on your libido, but also your energy. If they are not as effective (at least not simultaneously as the best erection pills), they are good alternatives in the long term, with a minimal risk of health, see no one.