Men who had difficulty to get an erection have not always been able to rely on stimulants like viagra to get a stronger erection. Before the 2000s ( Viagra was marketed from 1998), they used indeed natural plants or foods to find their booster their sexual desire and get a hard erection thanks to the best aphrodisiacs offered by the nature.

Without any artifice, and therefore with far fewer contraindications or adverse effects, these organic alternatives can prove equally effective. Even if you have to take them in large quantities. And especially in the long run. Indeed, do not expect a visible effect in 30 minutes as for a sexual stimulant.

You can consume its aphrodisiacs in their natural form. Or turn to the stores that market them as supplements. They are much cheaper than oral treatments, and especially do not require a prescription from a doctor. This does not mean that it is not wise to turn to a health professional for recommendations.


The best aphrodisiacs products for a hard erection

If you have a soft erection or you regularly experience breakdowns during sex, you may be interested in taking aphrodisiac products. Easier to tolerate than stimulants (such as Cialis), they still allow the flow of blood to your sex. And so to have a better erection.

You will mainly have the choice between capsules to take on the long term.

Composed of natural ingredients, they will boost your blood circulation, but also your desire. Your performance will be much better. And you will take much less risk than with a product like Viagra. Even if the effects can be observed at the first dose, it will nevertheless be more patient to treat permanently a possible erectile dysfunction.

good aphrodisiac

Some creams or aphrodisiac drinks are also marketed to bring blood to your sex . The creams apply half an hour before your reports. Be careful though not to ask your partner for a blowjob.

The drinks follow the same principle as the capsules (and usually contain the same natural ingredients). You will have to shoot them once or twice a day in the long run.


Which product to choose?

If you are worried about the side effects of this type of aphrodisiac to boost your erection, prefer cream. This local treatment is less likely to interact negatively with another treatment. Or another medical condition.

Also remember to test them several days before your reports to make sure you do not have an allergy. And in any case, consider consulting a doctor to let you know the precautions to take with this type of products.


The natural best aphrodisiacs

There are also plants or natural foods known for their aphrodisiac properties. Discover which is the most effective to facilitate your erection.



This plant, grown mainly in Asia, is known as a powerful aphrodisiac for bandaging. Consumed regularly, it will boost your libido. But also to get a stiffer erection and longer.


The avocado

If the avocado is a delicious fruit (and not a vegetable), it is also an excellent aphrodisiac for bandaging. Indeed, its rich content of vitamin B5 would fight against a soft erection and strengthen your manhood. But also to revitalize you. Consume so regularly avocado (in all its forms) to be more sensitive, and therefore more responsive to the stimulation of your partner.


Oysters: On of the best aphrodisiacs for a lot of people

The oyster is often likened to a naturally aphrodisiac product for its shape reminiscent of a woman’s sex. This is not just a myth. Rich in zinc, but also in calcium, the oyster would boost the libido by revitalizing your body. But also by increasing your sperm production and promoting your testosterone production. Result: consumed regularly, this seafood will help you to have stronger erections. And longer.

What are the best aphrodisiacs for men?



Ginger helps prevent premature aging of your cells. But also to provide energy to your body. And so boost your erection and your sex life. Taking ginger regularly, and especially an hour before your reports will allow you to have the boost that you can miss to be at the top with your partner. And surprise her with your new performances in bed.



Did you know that asparagus was one of the best aphrodisiacs for bandaging? Indeed, this vegetable is rich in vitamin K, essential to your muscular strength. And because your penis is composed of muscles that allow the blood to fill your cavernous body, eating asparagus will allow you to have a more vigorous and long erection.



This root comes straight from Peru is it is also an excellent aphrodisiac for bandaging. Notably because it is rich in amino acids, iron, but also magnesium. An explosive cocktail that will help you reduce your stress (one of the main causes of a soft erection). Moreover, many studies have proven the positive effects on your erectile function of Maca.

Consume Maca as a cure (about 6 to 8 weeks) at a rate of three grams a day. Be careful though if you have blood pressure problems or have heart failure. In this case, it is recommended to reduce your dosage (no more than 0.5 grams per day). But as a precaution, consider consulting a doctor to avoid any risk to your health.


The Yohimbine

This bark found mainly in West Africa is also recognized as an aphrodisiac for effective bandaging. It allows to activate the nerves that are in your sex. But also improve your blood supply by expanding your blood vessels.

And that’s not all, the Yohimbine would boost your libido. To stimulate your pelvic nerve and your adrenaline. In addition to allowing you to bend harder, she would also have the power to prolong your erection.

For best results, you can combine it with L-arginine (especially if you suffer from male impotence and need more than just a boost). Be careful, however, of its potential side effects (especially in your digestive system). L-Arginine is also not recommended if you are taking a treatment for high blood pressure.

As for the dosage, it is not recommended to exceed 20 mg per day. And remember to consult a doctor before starting a cure to avoid side effects and you learn about its contraindications.

You now know the best aphrodisiacs for a strong erection . Of course this list is not exhaustive, but all these solutions will allow you to boost your libido and therefore to get a sex life more fulfilled.